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not Sardarni which means a Sikh woman but Sardari. Sardari i hope means leadership roles but since i am not 100% sure that's the reason i asked the question.

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I have often heard the term Sardari? How would one define the word Sardari?

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Tum tumhari bhabhi aur maa tum sabne us ladki ka vashikaran kiya hai. Yehi hai saari baat.

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Thank-u Lokesh

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How come u r so sure that my intention is bad. All I want in my life is a Sardar full fledged Sardar from head to toe. I don't think anyone should have problem in this.

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O. K agreed but still then I want a person who looks like a Sardar Is it a sin to expect dating a Sardar

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I am an ultra rich Hindu girl but I like Sardars I want to date a person who is every inch a Sardar.

Please give me some nice tips on dating a Sardar.