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added to my last comment: i don't think you should do any pray or Paath to bring her back, that would be a wastage, if you want to pray and Paath then do that for yourself. you deserve a better person in your life who can stand by you in every situation & not the person who leave you for no reason or due to some stupid reasons.

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Waheguru G, according to me: you should move on , i don't think its a good idea to think about that person who already left you, gave you pain what you are going through now, I don't know your age : so if you are a student then concentrate on your studies , if working then concentrate at your work.

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yes, all Prof. Sahib Singh teeka are wonderfull and very helpful to understand Guru Bani. Highly recommend.

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no not at all

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Thank you Guruka Singh Ji, AND you always inspire me.

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Vaishali, what I do is, clean my kitchen and the surface that i will use to make Krah Parshad, take shower (wash hair as well) ,make krah parshad bare feet while chanting Waheguru, keep Krah Parshad in clean pot, keep Krah Parshad where i do Nitnem , after Nitnem do Ardaas and say Thanks to Guru Sahib for helping to do Paath for last 40 days, request Guru Ji to accept Krah Parshad, then give Krah Parshad to everyone in the family and myself. that is what I do but its upto you what you want to do. thanks

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did your parents know about that ?? did your acts hurt that person or harmed him in anyway??

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I believed in Waheguru g from my childhood, there were lots and lots of up and downs in life but never lost my trust and hope in Waheguru G (I know every one will say that there are ups and downs in everyone's life) BUT recently situations got worst. we have been praying for my brother from last 7 years. my mum recites Sukhmani Sahib path daily, I did prayers, seva and path for him but nothing changed, I know there is nothing in this world that Waheguru G can't do. My brother's Marriage life is not good at all from so many years and his wife is a devil in other words who torcher him Mentally and physically, she doesn't talk to us at all but cares about her own family a lot. we live in Australia, trying hard for them to get Permanent Residency, wasted a big amount of money on them for different reasons but her torcher never finished, whatever my brother earns goes to her still she always wants more and more and on the top of that whenever my brother says he doesn't have money she threatens him that she will get his visa cancelled. she lives with his brother and sister in law, she never lived with my brother, her family teaches her what to do and how to harass us, my brother lives with his friends , whenever I get call from my brother I am scared to pick up the call, my body starts shaking as I got scared that what has happened. I can't understand that why GOD help those people who only punish other people whole life, why she live her life easily, why everything good happen to her only , why we suffer and suffer, why our prayers not working at all from last 7 years, if everyone gets whatever is written in our fate then why we do prayers. Waheguru is our father then why HE want us to beg all the time. everyone says Waheguru G de Ghar der hai Andher Nhi but what we are experiencing now has changed this statement for me which is "Der hi der hai te fir Andher". at this stage of life I have recently been very disappointed , I know nobody will like to here this but its true I am very disappointed at this stage and lost my trust. no idea what to do.