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I can understand your situation bhen ji. But I am not agree with suggestion to do sewa of your mother in law because some people never get change . I have personal experience about situation like you even worst than your situation. My parents are here in US, still they are not allow to come my house even though I am living with only my husband. I have two kids too. My mother in law was sick and I was one who was taking care of my mother in law even though I was living separated from her and she was living with my brother in law and his family, still I was taking care of her and never said anything bad to her or anybody at home and she always said bad words for me , my parents and even for my relatives too . I was taking care of her only with one hope that she would like me one day. You know that during her last days, she insulted me and my parents in front of all our relatives and family friend without any reason and for my husband his brother, his wife, their kids and his parents are more than God . My husband always say bad words to our daughter and me So my suggestion is that do Sukhmani sahib path everyday instead of taking care of her. One more thing when my husband was living with his girlfriend, then ek babaji told me to do moolmantra path for 75 mins everyday and jot jaguni a for 40 days.You have to keep your husband photo and gurusahib g Di picture in front of jot. Wash your hair and wear washed cloth every time and after path wash those clothes .you can start this path on Wednesday or Friday . I did that path then my husband left his gf after 7 years. That time I was alone in this country. You could imagine that I saw my husband sleeping with another woman in my house. I will suggest to do path. Live for yourself