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I'm an agnostic girl and I'm currently in a relationship with a sikh guy. We met 3 months ago and everything seemed fine, we think in a similar way and we like each other. However, as we both think long term, we've been talking about certain things about the future that makes him feel like our relationship is not going to work. He wants to marry in a Gurudwara and he explained to me the Sikh ceremony in which we both have to bow down in front of the guru. The problem is that as I'm not a sikh it would be disrepectful to do that. I do respect that so I suggested a civil marriage instead but he told me he wouldn't feel it's official. I really don't know what to do, as we both know it wouldn't be fair for me to convert into sikhism because of this. I like the philosophy of sikhism in general, I don't drink or smoke and I've been thinking about becoming vegetarian, but I do know I would struggle with things like not cutting my hair, that's why I don't think I could become a sikh, at least not in a short term. I know it's important that our habits are similar but I don't think it's indispensable for our relationship to work. I don't mind to raise the children into sikhism as I'm open minded when it comes to that and I would never ask him to change his religion or anything like that. I'd like to know what other sikhs think about this kind of situation, because I don't know if he's been too strict or I am been too liberal. The thing is that we want to make things work but we're stuck because of this. Thanks in advance!