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Thanx. Is it o.k to have sex during her periods and when does a woman get pregnant, having intercourse during the periods or the days after or before.

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Soon i am going to get married but the question that bothers me is, When a man enters his Penis into the woman's Vagina, it probably strikes with the hymen inside which might be painful. So, how come Sex is so pleasurable for men rather than being painful?

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2017-12-22 04:23:16 -0500 asked a question What about atrocities on Sikhs by the Islamic zealots?

The number of cases of atrocities on Sikhs in the Moslem majority countries are on the rise, the latest being the forced conversion of Sikhs into the Islamic fold in Pakistan. The link given below.

Also the atrocities on Sikhs living in Afghanistan and the discrimination Sikh workers from Punjab do face in Saudi Arabia is well known.

Now lets compare the condition of Sikhs living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in Saudi Arabia with the Sikhs living in Hindu majority countries, India, Nepal, and Mauritius. Also if we compare with the Sikhs living in Buddhist majority countries Thailand, Burma, and Vietnam. It's beyond doubt that Sikhs in Hindu, Buddhist, and even Christian majority countries are living much happily and peacefully when compared with the Sikhs living in Moslem nations.

So, what best can be done by the Sikh leadership and the Sikhs in general to stop the atrocities on Sikhs living in the Moslem majority countries.