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Okay we will have to figure this out but I’m really scared but what about my mom says have a abortion plus it’s late I can’t lose this baby even im a mother now what’s the babys fault my boyfriend is happy to give his name to the baby

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and move to Canada when the baby is 6 months he’s quite mature u see as I’m only 19 and he’s 27 he said that i need really good support during this stage he’s ready to come here even he’s a bit nervous to tell his fam

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I’m the oldest u see I’m not sure what will my parents reaction be but he said that I need to tell my family then we can get married soon he’s ready to come to uk from Canada plus he hasn’t told yet to his family either he was like that until the delivery we can stay in uk

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I’m a 19 old sikh girl I’m not married I’m pregnant I just got to know few days back that I’m nearly 4 months pregnant plus I’m anorexic that’s why I couldn’t tell if I was pregnant first I ignored the symptoms then I took a test I showed a was pregnant I was Broken I went to doctors and they told I was 4 months pregnant cause of my underweight it was hard to tell but I won’t be able to hide it from the family and relatives they gonna talk bad about me I’m really depressed plus I don’t want to lose this baby it’s my first one and i lost my virginity in a hotel room in india I went to India for a party which we held for my brother birth cause he was born only 2 years back so all the family went to India plus the guy was there like far away relatives we only knew from Facebook friends to whatsapp we fell in love and were really happy and shocked that we met in reality I took him to the hotel bedroom he’s 27 old and a sikh he lives in Canada but went to India for his cousins wedding and we meet at my own brothers party we went to room and we had sex everyone was busy at the party dancing all sorts but later we joined the party I was cool with it even he was I’m from uk u see we kept on meeting at india then we went back to our countries he’s from Canada and I’m from uk then I just got to know that I’m pregnant I told him that it’s our baby he’s happy we can get married but I’m only 19 plus quite week but how can I tell my parents about it I shouldn’t have sex before marriage I didn’t knew that this would happen plz help me guys