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2013-02-18 21:36:11 -0500 asked a question Sopurkh Meditation

Can someone please tell me whether doing sopurkh, for 11 times a day is only a minimum, i.e. can i end up doing it more such as 12 or 20 times. Or must we stop at 11?

Also could people share their experiences of sopurkh in their lives?


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2013-02-14 06:57:40 -0500 commented answer Marriage Trouble

thank you Guruka Singh. What a wonderful albeit sentimental day to start this (feb 14). Much appreciated

2013-02-14 00:25:33 -0500 commented answer Marriage Trouble

Also if it is to recite my self should it be out loud or in silence ok as well.

2013-02-13 23:51:42 -0500 commented answer Marriage Trouble

Is it ok to listen to sopurkh 11, times.? As I don't know it or the proper pronunciation by heart.

2013-02-13 13:15:41 -0500 commented answer Marriage Trouble

I am trying patient for many years. And yes going to someone for help they say they can do nothing unless the person himself wants help. guruka Singh in his videos suggested sa ta na ma meditation with your partner but again he will not participate. I look to waheguru to help us

2013-02-09 20:01:03 -0500 asked a question Marriage Trouble

Hello, my husband who I love very much, has turned against everyone, he wants no contact with family and gets angry when I speak to or associate with mine....he sees it as not being one with him. people say he is mentally ill, he wants no help, but will be silent or say awful things. I still love him, but don't know how to solve this, looks like we are heading for sep/divorce, which I don't want.

Saying to him to change/get help/counselling is on deaf ears. I must do it all myself without involving him, what can I do get kirpa from god and have my situation change to love and gracefulness that my home becomes happy and not broken........I pray for this.