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Sat siri akal

I am the same one who asked for your advice under a title " Angry Husband " on 13/10/2011

My situation has gone worse. I am in a joint family and nobody likes me. My husband can not support me because of the financial loss and his mother making every member of family against me and does drama in front of family that my presence in family making her ill and ill. My husband's brothers are forcing my husband to divorce me. They just don't say negative things about me but also for my two yrs old daughter. That makes me very, very angry and i answer them back straightway and whenever i open my mouth situation doesn't go in my favour and they start asking me to leave the house.

I don' understand how to control my temper? I am very frustrated and i am trying to find a job so that i can spend less time in this house but job market is not good.

I have lost my faith in Waheguru even God has given me two beautiful kids but what their life would be after my divorce. My own family is not in same country and this is second marriage of my husband and mine.

I am in a hell and dont know how to bring peace in my life. I have totally forgotten the feeling of happiness.

Please tell me how to control my temper and frustration, not for my happiness but for good future of my kids.

Please do tell me something.

Sat siri akal