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Hello , I am a 25 year old girl. I am a sikh but i dont practice i am more spiritual. I fell in love with my best friend who is a muslim. We decided to date but it only lasted for 2 months. He said he cant do this and hurt me because he knows we have no future. I was upset for awhile but told myself that he is right. we remained good friends and would hangout a lot. we still act like we are dating in the sense we will hangout with friends and just hug eachother and get jealous and talk and help eachother , hard to explain. we say we love eachother sometimes. I have told him 2 times indirectly that we should stop doing this because it hurts me a lot and i cant move on. He says to me its hard for him sometimes because he has feelings for me. I know he talks to other girls but not in that sense. on my end my parents want me tl get married so they want me to talk to guys, and sometimes i think i should but other times i think i shouldn't give up. I asked him why cant we just see how things go and he said no because it will hurt us a lot more. I am so confuse don his end that why does he just not move on then but still treat me like his gf a bit and if he really loved me why cant he try, I know his family and my family would not approve what so ever. i also know I am bigger then him physically but he never says thats the problem. I dont know if i should move on.