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2017-07-06 04:30:14 -0600 answered a question Are ladies allowed as "Panj Pyare"?

As per Sikh Rehet Maryada (the only Rehet Maryada accepted by Akal Takht and arrived at by Panthic decision with input from all sects and jathas.... by the way panth was given FULL rights to decide on things on behalf of the Guru) in SRM it explicitly says male or female. And in the Rehet Maryadas of so called puritan sampradas, it's never explicit. It's implied. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has never said "no I don't allow females... " and to use the first five as a reason suggests that the first Amrit was all about a competition between genders and that now for females it's punishment. Amrit in 1699 was not about any completion. And simply having the same 'parts' doesn't make you more qualified. Big news! NOT a single one of us was there that day to give our heads! And the other thousands and thousands of people including all the rest of the men also didn't give their heads 'when the call was made' as one of the first five. Why does having the same thing between your legs make you more qualified now??? Feel entitled??? Just like the first five were the same gender they were also same skin colour. But are Caucasian or black or oriental males prohibited because no one with the same skin colour gave heir head that day???? The first five very likely all had brown eyes based on ethnicity, but does hat mean no males with blue eyes or green eyes can administer Amrit now because no green eyed or blue eyed males gave their head that day?? That's how ridiculous this is!!!