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2017-06-03 23:29:15 -0600 asked a question Plucking my unibrow as a male?

So I have a unibrow and am a male and have been thinking about plucking it for a long time now. I have given it a lot of thought and I personally think it is not a bad thing because I believe when guru ji says not to cut your kes in the rehat maryada his main purpose is that he wants you to maintain your Sikh identity. After all, Isn't the whole reason we wear a dastar and have a full beard because that is the identity of a Sikh and it shows others that you are a person with certain positive values and morals that make you stand out from the majority of society? If I was to pluck my eyebrows, I'm sure I can still be recognized as a Sikh (as I will still have a full beard and dastar), and thereby will still be maintaining my identity as a Sikh right? Also, I strongly believe outwardly appearances do not matter to guru ji. If I had been a good person all my life, reading gurbani, doing naam simran, and doing seva for the needy, and when I die I cannot be with guru ji simply because I plucked my eyebrows? I do not believe guru ji is like that. I do not believe guru ji to be so shallow. I do not believe guru ji is so 2-dimensional as if he has two folders with files of people who did and did not pluck their eyebrows. I'm trying to see the deeper meaning of why guru gobind singh ji said not to cut kes, and I strongly believe it is because of maintaining the Sikh Identity. And like I have said before, simply plucking my eyebrows does not make me unrecognizable as a Sikh anymore.

What I'm trying to get at is that I believe when guru ji says not to cut kes what he is really trying to tell us is to simply maintain the outward identity of a Sikh so you stay attached to the positive morals and values that Sikhism instills in you (Which is what really matters).

Sorry for the rant but I truly believe guru ji does not care of how we look as long as we maintain the Sikh identity because that is what he has blessed us with. As long as we have this identity, we are constantly reminded of our good values and morals taught by our religion since the beginning of our lives. It reminds us to be a good person, help society and the people around us, give love to all, and stay away from any evil actions. I think this is all guru ji really wants from us. And I will still have this identity as long as I can still be recognized as a Sikh (plucked eyebrows or not). What do you think?