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2018-03-09 01:43:26 -0600 commented answer is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

There's hell lot of difference between Punjabi Sikhs and 3HO Sikhs.

2018-03-03 04:56:10 -0600 answered a question is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

Waheguru Waheguru. Today some Sikhs are trying to justify homosexuality, tomorrow they will justify sex before marriage, the day after they will justify one night stand.

Is this what Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Sikhi is. Today's modern Sikhs have stooped so low.

Waheguruji please give us Sad-Budhi.

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2017-10-02 01:08:47 -0600 answered a question I need help getting back into Sikhism

Most of the Sikhs living in Punjab and even those Punjabi Sikhs residing in Amrika, Kaneda te Ingland have been listening to great Sikh stories since childhood be it of Bhai Taru Singh Ji, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji, Hari Singh Nalwa Ji, Jassa Singh Ramgarghia Ji, and other Sikh warriors. In each and every Punjabi Sikh household, parents do take their children regularly to the Gurdwaras where they are taught about doing Sewa and cleaning one's own mind listening to Gurbani but the biggest issue still remains the same that of keeping untrimmed bodily hairs.

2017-09-20 03:49:24 -0600 answered a question what i have to do to be a amritdhari sikh ?

Thumbs up Mister Not at all Punjabi.

2017-05-23 04:00:20 -0600 commented answer Who will help the Afgani Sikhs?

u r right, sometimes we get thrashed from our own community members.

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2017-05-23 03:28:13 -0600 commented answer Who will help the Afgani Sikhs?

yes, it was broadcasted in almost all of the Indian media houses.

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2017-05-23 03:00:04 -0600 answered a question Who will help the Afgani Sikhs?

My cousin was a Indian Army Jawan, he was patrolling the Indo-Pak border when the Pakistani Army killed him and they chopped off his head and took away to Pakistan. The Indian government requested 100 times to the Pakistani government to return back his head but they denied, our family did meet the High Commissioner of Pakistan in India and requested him to return his head or else at least return back his Turban so that we can perform the Antim Sanskar of my cousin but the Pakistanis denied. Ultimately we had to conduct the Antim Sanskar without his head.

Let's not forget how our Gurus were tortured and throughout history the Sikhs were massacred by the Islamic zealots. Today the terror has spread throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. My blood boils when i see some foolish Sardars and Sardarnis standing in favour of Muslims.