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Views on Sikhism are completely different when it comes to Indian Sikhs and the Western Sikhs. The Westerners follow their own concept of Sikhism but the Indian Sikhs will follow the Hukam of the Jathedar.

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On Baisakhi 1699 the Tenth Master created the Khalsa Panth with certain set of rules to be observed and Panth means an organized religion not a way of life. In India, the Supreme Jathedar has specifically cleared on the issue of homosexuality that it is unacceptable, which is binding on all Sikhs

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but strongKaur, there is freedom of speech in Sikhism for example the points raised by Sultana are valid. Deleting someone's comment will mean suppressing the facts.

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To all those who support homosexuality especially that gentleman, probably he is the CEO of the Sikhnet, Mr.Guruka Singh.

As per him, Gurbani doesn't says anything on homosexuality or rather it is silent so there is no harm as to being a homosexual.

O.K right. But Gurbani is also silent on illicit affairs so does that mean Sexcapades are permitted in Sikhism.

Gurbani is also silent on watching pornography so does that mean viewing Pornography is permitted in Sikhism.

Gurbani is silent on so many topics so does that mean we start doing stupid things in life.

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I am a Pakistani Sikh woman, for Sikhs the situation in Pakistan is worse than Afghanistan particularly in the Pakistan Administered Kashmir which is also known as Azad Kashmir. Today not a single Sikh exists in Azad Kashmir, Sikh men have been butchered in the capital Muzaffarabad and even in Gilgit-Baltistan. Almost all of the Sikh women from there have been abducted and they are confined in the Harems of wealthy Muslim businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats in Islamabad. Some of the Sikh women have been sold to rich Arab Sheikhs from Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan has banned the international media from entering into Azad Kashmir. They only allow the media to go to the Punjab Province. You mentioned above of the Gurdwaras flooded with the IDP's of Pakistan, this is where the media is allowed to go to show the world as to how much Pakistan worries about it's religious minorities. Last year, members of the UNHCR and the members of the Sikh organisations from the West did visit the Punjab Province. But before their arrival Sikhs were handed a Scripted Application by the Pakistani authorities to be recited in front of the arriving team. Sikhs were told not to reveal the truth about Pakistani Sikhs and were threatened with terrible consequences if someone dared to do so.

In the 20 crore population of Pakistan, Sikhs number only 20,000. Our destination of peace and hope remains India but not sure if the Indian Sikh leadership will help us or not.`

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