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no doubt prayers are important but outer identity too is imp. what if a Cop is good in discharging his duties but refuses to wear the Cops' dress, will he be eligible to be called a Cop, the answer is No, similarly no matter how good u r as a person but outer identity too is imp to be called a Sikh

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" I have a problem with very long hair is their anyway I can shorten it using a laser and than stop cutting my hair for good"

Your above words do prove it that Sikhi is a burden for you, not only you but today most of the Sikhs in the age category of 20 to 60, males and females have the same issue of keeping long hairs.

Most of the Punjabi Sikhs today do go to the Gurdwaras regularly they even recite Nitnem but when it comes to keeping the Rehat, they are unable to maintain their outer identity.

2017-09-13 02:03:46 -0500 commented answer Lacking Trust from God

the issue is neither we nor she herself knows exactly as to what the problem is but in many cases when people themselves don't know that they are in depression they start losing interest n life including religion.

2017-09-12 02:28:40 -0500 commented answer Lacking Trust from God

how can u b so sure that her problem is just because of her ups and downs in spiritual life, might b she is going thru desolation and dejection.which she is unable to know herself.

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i am able to understand ur issues well, u r not the first or single girl facing such problem, most of the Sikh girls who are born in Punjabi families be the Jatts, Khatris, Aroras Ramgarghias and the Chudaas most girls r facing such issues.

2017-07-26 02:36:27 -0500 answered a question Raped girl

There are countless cases happening in this world where Sikhs girls are kidnapped, drugged, and raped by Muslim men but still Sikh girls keep falling in love with Muslim men.

All of this is happening because today people who are born in Sikh families particularly amongst Punjabis are highly unbalanced, they don't get support from their Parents, they are not aware of their own Sikh faith, they get lost in Gurdwaras because they don't understand anything, they follow Sikhism out of Compulsion not out of Choice.

Young Sikh men and women of Punjabi origin are torn between Sikhism and Punjabisation. When in Gurdwaras, they are told to follow Sikhism and when they return back home they are enforced to restrict their lives within the parameters of the Punjabisation.

When Sikh girls grow up they want to make boyfriends and when they move out of their chaotic homes the world seems to be different and hence they get attracted to Muslim men and then the whole story begins.

2017-07-26 02:01:30 -0500 answered a question my parents r so strict??

You seem to be a highly confused person. You want to do Paath everyday, you want to talk to random people on the internet despite knowing the bad stuff that happens around the world and you also want multiple male friends in your life.

But what's your priority in life if wish to make boyfriends and enjoy life then you can easily make fool of your Parents. Men are always on the lookout for girls like you but do think of the consequences before entering into random friendship or relationship.

2017-07-26 01:00:22 -0500 answered a question Sikh and Muslim relationship

Muslim guys are predetermined that Marriage is the easiest way to convert Sikh girls to Islam. Good Going Sikh girls Good Going. You girls are born intelligent.

2017-05-23 03:15:55 -0500 commented answer Who will help the Afgani Sikhs?

I did hear about this case in one of the news channels recently, so sad.

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2017-04-27 12:08:44 -0500 answered a question FanFiction

Rather than thinking too much about Sikhism, FanFiction, Masturbation, Blah, Blah, you better concentrate on your studies. What's going to help you in life is studies, your career not fiction stories.

2017-04-27 11:51:52 -0500 answered a question Masturbating

This has been answered in this forum for at least 1000 times. It seems Punjabi Sikh youths are having too much problem relating to masturbation.

In my life, I have met non-Punjabi Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Janis, Buddhists and discussed with them on various issues including Sex but the Punjabi Sikh males are the only exceptions in this world who are obsessed with the issue of masturbation.

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World's four biggest faiths in terms of adherents are Christianity Islam Hinduism and Buddhism, their goal was to preach their respective faiths and they did but Sikhs who are minuscule in numbers are excellent in fighting within that is the reason Sikhism has remained mainly an ethnic Punjabi faith

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The fact is if a Sikh is really genuine following the Rehat Maryada then rather than finding fault in others will try to find fault in himself/herself. Today, Sikhs living in Punjab and even outside are fighting amongst themselves involved in blaming each other. They are terribly terribly wrong.

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You said, it's not correct to place picture of any person or Mahapurush. O.K then why do Sikhs worship Baba Nand Singh Ji, Baba Deep Singh Ji. Sikhs bow before them too. In Gurdwaras, where SGGS Ji is placed, pictures of Nand Babaji and Deep Babaji is also placed. So, whom will you blame?

2017-04-27 08:40:32 -0500 answered a question it is getting worse

Baba Sri Chand Ji was the son of Guru Nanak, so Sikhs ought to have respect for the Babaji. Above, you mentioned some people bow to Babaji which is unbearable for me. Now, this clearly shows that you are a radical Sikh The basic principles of Sikhism teaches us that we must be of tolerant nature towards others. Even our Gurus used to respect Baba Sri Chand Ji.

I have few questions for you, does the Sikh Rehat Maryada says, that Sikhs must not bow before Sri Chand Ji or Lakhmi Chand Ji?

Has Akal Takhat ever issued Hukumnama prohibiting the Sikh community from worshiping Baba Sri Chand Ji?

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2017-04-21 02:29:47 -0500 asked a question Sikhs Not Welcome?

In which all countries, Sikhs are facing extreme hostile conditions and there is a threat to their life, property and their identity?.

2017-04-20 03:03:50 -0500 commented answer Why not marry Sikh men?

Cloud......i don't want to create any controversy.

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2017-04-18 03:21:45 -0500 commented answer Why not marry Sikh men?

children born were raised as Sikhs. Non-Sikh husband won't allow this. Another point you raised that in extended families daughter-in-laws are not treated well, yes but that's truth about majority of the families from South Asia, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa that includes Muslims,Hindus,Sikhs.

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non-Sikh household she has to follow the non-Sikh traditions of her non-Sikh husband and even her children would be non-Sikhs. That is how our family traditions, values and culture is all about. I haven't heard of even a single case when a Sikh girl got married to non-Sikh but her........

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You raised the point, that even lot of Sikh guys prefer to marry non-Sikh girls. See, if a Sikh guy marries a non-Sikh girl still he will remain a Sikh, obviously he and the non-Sikh bride will follow the Sikh traditions but if a Sikh girl marries a non-Sikh guy then once she steps into the....

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2017-04-17 02:39:50 -0500 asked a question Why not marry Sikh men?

Why do most of the Sikh females who are financially independent, be of any profession and those in particular who live in a different city away from their Parents, not in Joint families, prefer to marry non-Sikh men?

What stops most of the Singhnis or Sardarnis from marrying Sikh men? Few cases can be called exceptional ones but when you see too many such cases then that is certainly alarming?

2017-04-14 12:34:48 -0500 answered a question About rehat maryada
  1. Not necessary to bath with cold water
  2. Yes, you must wear Kachhera while bathing.
  3. Amrit Vela timings roughly 3 to 4 a.m.
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2017-04-14 12:26:57 -0500 answered a question What about national holidays?

India still remains the only nation in this world where there is a holiday on Guru Nanak birthday. Lucky are those who are born, raised, and are resident of this beautiful country. God bless India and the Indians.