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Madly in love with Sikhi's profile - activity

2017-03-29 05:01:53 -0500 answered a question Any answers to such a valid and beautiful question featured in the home page of Sikhnet?

In the male dominated societies and culture that exist in South Asia be it India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., in Middle East and even feel insecure in giving political and religious freedom to women, so it's a Big NO.

Answer is No to all the above questions whether you like it or dislike it.

2017-03-29 04:44:47 -0500 answered a question how do we personally contact other people on this forum?

I am not aware of the e-mail address but what is your background, your name, are you male or female, teen or fully grown-up adult, indian or non-indian, sikh or non-sikh, white or brown?