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2017-04-02 21:08:19 -0500 asked a question How to prevent arguments in house?

hi everything i do always turn others into an arguemt they strt abusing me calling me c* and fwit i mean i try my best i give everything they ask for i carry my friends ciggerettes as they are to ashamed to carry them i putn in my pocket .they yell at me and shout and just hate me...i am quiet and i walk off on them wen it starts argument.then they always sayuing come back i lock my door and they try and knoick it down .how can in prevent this..(m not allowed to move houses as m under 18 ) my dnt live wit my parents i love wit friends but i got no were else to go

2017-04-02 20:59:29 -0500 answered a question what to do when you accidentally break your sukhnas

well if you wasnt sure if it was veg or non veg..than why did you eat it?its like amuslim if they dnt knw if its bacon wjy did they eat it..but if it occured afterwrds this thought just think of it as a mistake and keep going dnt let this stop u .prentent it never happend .

2017-04-02 20:48:50 -0500 asked a question stuck in two religions

many people are to rude in this world ,but than you get the really nice people that are honest 24/7.i came across my friend whome is a sikh .i asked her why are you honest she told me its part of my way of life i am sikh and i try my best to maintain this...i mean i am confused because she told me before that she was catholic.isnt this wrong because isnt it stated by guru gobind singh that we must not pretend to be sikh unless ur are or something like i am confused wht is she saying this to please me or is she change of heart can someone plz explain this is she being non honest

2017-04-02 19:54:31 -0500 commented question People eating meat

we was to disect a lamb brain..i cried and said i couldnt do it it was morer an asesment in science i tld the teacher no give me 0 for this do whatver m not doing it.he told me itd dead so whts the problm i tld him i still have respect for it.i asked him wld u do this to me wen i die? he said no

2017-04-02 19:45:15 -0500 answered a question My frustration with Punjabi people

hey,you are not u feel like discrimantion by your own religion?its ok..some people such as me and you are knwn to be like adviswe to u is that you should just stick up for yourself tell them .no one should be judging you we all maken mistakes so just forgive them and continue i often get people staring at me like how you are explaning it or ask there anything bothering you if so plz tell me yr .one time i was denying eberything of myself bvut than i realise why m doing wrong i lwearn to fight for one should judge you for whome u r or wht ur interests is.they r just jelous.or they may also feel awqard as they dnt knw how to react as wen u talk wit or pass them .they r proberly confuse anyone can be sikh. but just remeber theres always gonna be people getting inur way.just ignore them and do wht u cherish best and live up to an honest living!

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2017-03-26 20:09:56 -0500 asked a question how to stop this

in australia people are well known of sikhs but they have to keep putting reminders in the newspaper to stop discrimination.such as"we are the 7/11 types not the 9/11 types.but people choose to ignore it and egg the gudawara ,.they continue to be mean .but the sikh here will try there best of educating the people but they will just say go bak to own country ..most of us was born here

2017-03-26 19:52:31 -0500 asked a question if u try ur best to follow hukams and someone breaks ur trust and nw u have to break ur promise u made,is it gud or wht to do

help me.i promise my friend i will stay with him forever but he is arguing with me too much and i cant stand it

2017-03-26 19:40:24 -0500 asked a question why do i feel like people stare at me

i dnt get along wit others at school everyone just looks at me funny

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2017-03-18 06:21:36 -0500 commented answer punjabis are known to party gud..but wht happens if they r alchol..why they do it?

i knw to well the differ but i am just asking...

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2017-03-16 23:49:19 -0500 asked a question punjabis are known to party gud..but wht happens if they r alchol..why they do it?

or is it like some sikhs cut there hairs and some dnt?