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2017-02-24 05:03:46 -0600 asked a question my family is forcing to do many things that i don't like how can i prevent that ?

hi there i'm balu from kerela and i'm writting this because of my family and my family members i'm a 17 year old boy at till this age i did't do anything at my own choice because of my family my family members are forcing me to cut my hair and shave my beard what can i do ? is there any answer for this question ? i cry everyday but nothing happens my family my father is strict guy who never mind an other guys opinion and me and my young brother who is 18 right now is also compelled to cut his hair and shave his beard and we are not allowed to talk to any of our friends and none of our friends is not allowed to meet us and he is trying to make us in his own wish and we are not even to look into mobile phones and my father is a bank cleark but he never let us to buy any shoes or dresses if we ask him o buy us something then he'll buy us cheap clothes and other things and my mother is a teacher but his sallery is my fathers hand and my mother has to beg in front of him for her choices and he always use bad language to call my mom, brother & me and wen anyone askes him about these wierd things then he shouts and answers like this that " i'm doing this to make my young ones and family good " i don;t know what to do please answer me with good solutions !