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you are absolutely right. Education is the main key here. I have man friends from punjab but due to education their view point is entirly different then the rest of the illterate people from Punjab.The Sikhism is loosing its value at some areas due to these kind of Gurudwara committe at many places.

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I think even for Transparency thats not the right way of doing it. If you want to remove someone from the position especially the position of head priest,you should have talked to him and must say that you have only one month to service and then you can leave, that would have been a much better opt.

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An iccident happend yesterday in one of the Recongnized gurudwara in California Los Angeles, where the priest and his team were fired. The problem is that the way they were fired was not the right way i saw yesterday. The head of the Gurudwara commitee inform the whole sangat and the priest team that he is being fired .Is this is the way of firing someone by telling him and his team in front of the sangat.The team was having some issues with them and it was their issues due to which the commitee has fired them. But they should have talked to them in a seperate room and must tell them that they are fired not telling in front of everyone.Also, I have seen them helping and doing seva for last 4 years. The head priest is doing this kirtan seva for 30 years and he was saying that this the first time that he had come across situation like this.As they didnt get any solid evidence to fire them one of the committee member was putting wrong blame on the priest's wife ,who is doing seva for some years without any money and helping the sangat in many ways over the last 2 years. Half of the commitee members are illterate and maximu of them have cut their hair and trimm their beard. Even the head of the gurudwara committee has done the same. He weres turban as it is necessary for him to wear as the head of the Gurudwara committee. I was shocked when this whole incident happened inside the gurudwara premises infront of the sangat.