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2012-11-22 16:21:44 -0600 answered a question bad thoughts and regret.

thank you prabh kaur . ya please give me your email address . i would like like to talk to some sadh sangat to get me out of this.but, i will do as you said and make myself busy.

2012-11-22 09:57:18 -0600 answered a question bad thoughts and regret.

i appreciate everybody's answers .I just want to ask that why is it that i can't distinguish between whats right or wrong for me nowadays.i sometimes think its my karam . i feel so unconnected with everything and everybody . for eg. i should study hard for my school .it is very stressfull,my thoughts are so bad that i just can't think straight. i do path but again in few minutes i come to same situation. is god punishing me and why i can't think good for myself and my family.

2012-11-14 09:12:06 -0600 asked a question bad thoughts and regret.

ssa ji,i really need some help. i am student and in medical field. i have huge depression which i take medication for. i faced a lot in my life which somehow give me regrets and suicidal thoughts.i know that what we get is somewhow what we deserve to get. i am very dukhi and making my parents dukhi too.i do things which make me regret all the time.its like a cycle which i can't come out of. now, from few days i am getting bad thoughts that police came to my house and i am in jail and stuff.these thoughts are worse and i am crying from days that why do i think that bad. why do i have to go for jail for. what should i do to make me and my parents happy.come out of these thoughts.

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2012-04-06 15:30:45 -0600 answered a question lost soul and need some guidance

bhaiji,but if all what i did is impacting my life in present and would i will be able to overcome..?

2012-04-05 20:21:31 -0600 answered a question lost soul and need some guidance

thanku bhaiji, my problem is that i am not able to accept what i have did...its just ruining my life..i cry almost the whole day everyday..i have no interaction with people because i feel ashamed...i feel like dieing everyday but always stops myself thinking about my parents...i tried doing gurbani but than i feel that i had made waheguru go so far from me that i can't reach them anymore..i just want to be the same which i used to be before all this happened..i tried it alot of times..but than i gave up..

2012-04-03 21:23:22 -0600 asked a question lost soul and need some guidance

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh..mein thodi guidance chahidi hai..i have done a lot of bad things in my life...i am a 22 year old sikh girl..i was send to u.s.a to study hard and my family was in india...i somehow went into a relationship with a sikh intention was not bad ever..i trully loved him but i had some physical relation with him...he left me after some time..i begged him not to leave me and marry me..but he did'nt care..i can't tell my family of what i did...i am struggling..i am failing my school and sick all the time..i have huge depression..should i die?..what should i do ?