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Have a look at the below videos as to how women from Punjab are physically tortured in Saudi Arabia by Arab Muslim Sheikhs.

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But the question still remains as to who will help the Afghan Sikhs? Afghan Sikhs are living a life of hell in Afghanistan.

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Sir, you said it right. I agree with you 100%.

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2017-05-19 07:14:47 -0600 asked a question Who will help the Afgani Sikhs?

I am an Afghan Sikh refugee in Pakistan. Sikhs are discriminated in Afghanistan, no jobs, no security for life. Our women cannot move out of the houses for the fear of local Muslim men sexually abusing them. The children haven't gone to schools for years because they are bullied and beaten up. Our property and land has been forcefully confiscated by the Muslim warlords.

The Islamic government of Afghanistan doesn't bothers about religious minorities, and the biggest issue is Sikhs do not have enough money even to buy tickets and apply for visa to a safe country. And neither are they educated enough to fill up the forms related to visa, local Muslims laugh at Sikhs.

I am the only Sikh left who knows how to browse internet and write in English. Our family took the risk by crossing the border and entering into Pakistan as we thought Sikhs would be secure in Pakistan. But here in the Khyber Province of Pakistan situation is much worse, Sikhs are forced to convert to Islam. Muslims openly tell us that if you don't want to embrace Islam then each Sikh family must contribute and marry off at least one daughter who is single to a Muslim man.

We ran from Khyber to Baluchistan then entered Sindh and finally we reached Punjab. Gurdwaras in the Punjab Province are flooded with the internally displaced persons from Pakistan. Out of the four Provinces in Pakistan, Sikhs from Khyber, Baluchistan, and Sindh are suffering and hence Punjab is the place for refugees which is quite pathetic.

Not a single Sikh wishes to live in Afghanistan even for a single day, but who will help the 2000 Sikhs to move out of Afghanistan for ever?