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Thanks Gurka Singh Ji...i ll control my self as much as i can through out my life

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SAT SRI AKAL JI Due to some bad situations when my husband was stuck somewhere i prayed to Waheguru ji to save his life ill stop eating meat and non veg and egg all... its since 3 years am away and am vegetarian now but some how i loved eating and egg was my favorite ..... now when everyone eats i also feel like eating i crave sometimes but then remember my promise ....all say to ask for mafi and start again but i feel that i cant risk his life though i understand that it was not my promise who kept him alive it was babaji blessings....but am really confused don't know what to do....kindly guide me plzz

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thanku soo much

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can u tell me is it true ...i want to do anything to make his life better ....plz plz guide me

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Sat Sri Akal ji THANKS FOR ANSWERING.. i just wanted to share my husband is and i am suffering from tough times ...even after so many years OF MARRIAGE HE IS NO ABLE TO RISE FINANCIALLY .i read and found that so purakh can improve his life and bahuta karam can help him earn

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2017-01-14 03:51:06 -0600 asked a question What is Proper way of Paath

I started So Purakh Path for my husband on 1 jan 2017 . can any one tell me how to do So Purakh properly ....means how to do Ardas for him should i do it when i start the path daily or should i do it before starting the whole path for 40 days . what shouls be in my mind about him . coz mind diverts and what is the best time to do the path ... can it be done anytime in my office also or is it better to recite So Purakh early morning . Plz guide me properly as its very very imp for me

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Satsriakal ji, myself manjot kaur i've married since 6 years but since then my husband is struggling to get settled in a business or a job .what ever he does turns to loss and he get frustrated with any work soon . people say to show to pundit and others but all said that some thing has been done to him when he was small and that y he is not able to flourish.But when i go to gurudwara sahib i think are these things bigger that Waheguru ji ..then y even after trying so much he is still not settled he also does paath little. its 1 year we have purchased taxi but he not even able to take out the installment i am very depressed i started my so purakh on 28 dec 16 then on 1st jan 17 again but still not able to concentrate .after praying when i see him i feel when is all going to b ok when will he get a job or run his business properly and take the responsibilities of family. its 6 years am struggling and more than me he is struggling and what to do to make his life life better.. plz its a request plz someone guide me how to start my path what time and how to make his life better


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2016-08-19 09:12:19 -0600 asked a question My husband not successful in business always lying and no respect in family

Sat sri akal jii, Myself Manjot kaur am married 6 years back .it was a love marriage as wanted to mary a sikh guy with beard and these 6 years things have turned to worst.. By waheguru ji grace i have a 4 year old Son ..cute lovely and believes in waheguruji a lot BUT my husband is not successful means he did job/he did bussiness/ but losses every where and due to losses he speaks lies just to save himself..Whenever he speaks lies my heart gets to know about it and always i am hurt...His Family does not motivate him instead saying him bad words daily argument at our house ...i am really frustated and dont know what to do husband doesnt wears turban now and has cut his beard now i dont know wats happening ..can some one tell me what paath i should do to save my husband from all this and so that he becomes a successful and satisfied person with respect....He loves his family a lot but time has broken him and now our relation is going week i want to save my marriage and dont want to loose him he is a good person... PLZZ SOMEONE GUIDE ME