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2018-02-08 18:26:32 -0500 asked a question urgently need a advice

Sat Sri Akal everyone, I hope if anyone can help me out. I am a Sikh jatt. I am currently living in Canada and belong to a well-reputed family and we are from a small town in Punjab. in Canada, i fell in love with a boy who is Sikh jatt as well but he is Manglik and my parents believe in all this a lot. when I told my parents that I love someone they were like no astrologer have said that you should not get love marriage, then we came across that he is Manglik. nothing went well. my parents said that they will never say yes to him and they are afraid that I may not take some wrong step. things kept on going we are together for last 4 years and struggling with all this from last 1 year.

basically, we both have different last names but we just came across that these 2 last names are same. it's like our ancestors were same they had same last names, but few of them moved to some different part of Punjab and started using a different last name. now after 4 years, we are feeling like shredded.

are we really cousins? or linked? is there any way that we can still be together without taking any wrong step like running an getting married?

To be honest, I feel like God has stopped listening to my prayers, I don't feel like there is anything good going on in all this. if we were supposed to get apparated then why did we ever met? why did we love each other so much that now getting apart scares us like hell?

if you guys can give some suggestions or help me out that will be thankful and highly appreciated.

Thank you for reading

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2017-02-17 18:51:14 -0500 asked a question 32 teeth in mouth

Sat Sri Akal, I know this is a weird question but I have 32 teeth in my mouth and I came to know that there are some beliefs about the people who have 32 teeth. Can anyone tell me what are they? I am just curious about them.

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Thank u for your reply. It is really helping me. I'm a kind of person who can neither live without her parents nor her boyfriend. I just want my parents to agree for him. Neither he drinks, no drugs and even works hard. I don't understand what is wrong.

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Thank u for ur reply but the thing is my grandmother who is always doing Path said that a Pundit said if I will go for love marriage then I won't live a happy life and if we r getting warnings then y not to consider it. even if i force them then after marriage if something bad happen they won't come

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2016-08-30 19:42:18 -0500 asked a question no more believe in God

I belong to a Guru Sikh family. Never had a haircut, goes to gurudwara and do path. I love a boy. as much as I love my parents and I want to marry him. He was there with me when I made a failed attempt of suicide and now my parents say that he is not good for me because a pundit said that I will not live happily if I go for a love marriage but if it will go for an arranged marriage then I will be living the happiest life. my grandmother says that if we are getting some warnings from pundits then we should get aware. I pray twice a day always asking God to give me a happy life with him but now it seems like God is not listening to me. He is playing games with me. Today I am feeling so bad that I always worshipped one god, never asked for anyone's bad and love someone but God is pretending to see me silently and making fun of mine. Today I am leaving the path of God because God cannot do anything against a pundit. I give up....!!!! I Give up my faith in God and my faith in prayer.

Kindly please do not post me those videos. I will appreciate that.

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Being Sikh having Kesh is a symbol of giving respect to the creation of God as, every hair on our body have a specific role and importance. I know that we can get the God by cutting our hair, but just think once that Guru Gobind Singh g gave his 4 sons for us so in return can't we just grow our hair

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No we are Sikh, we also have shri Guru Granth Sahib g at our home but my parents believe in pandits

2016-08-06 09:24:31 -0500 answered a question CUTTING HAIR?!

NEVER DO IT......!!!! I know some people say that cutting hair doesn't matter, before thinking that at least have a thought of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who sacrificed his 4 sons for the religion. Chote Sahibzade were given option to live or die but they chose death because cutting hair was against their religion, doing so would have killed their father's inner soul and cutting hair was a kind of defeat of all the battle. Have a glance to the past and remember all the sacrifices made by our 10 Gurus.

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2016-08-04 19:35:55 -0500 commented answer marriage against family?

I do not want to marry him without my family but my family is not trying to understand me. Going to pandits and 100% believing on them makes me crazy. Pandit have also asked them to stop me from doing path and going to Gurudwara. Now what option do I have??

2016-08-04 13:51:28 -0500 commented answer I am unmarried yet.

is there any Shabad to marry your loved ones?

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and what if I wanted to marry him? Being Sikh my parents are going to pundits and trying to know if I can have a better life or not. If he is not right for me then why did Baba G brought him in my life?

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2016-08-03 17:41:37 -0500 asked a question marriage against family?

HI, I am a Guru Sikh girl and and live in Canada. I love a boy, we know each other from last 2 years and want to get married to him. But the thing is he is international student and i am Canadian citizen, my parents are not agreeing for our marriage. sometimes they say that he is not handsome, sometimes they say that his status is low and now they are going to pandits that is matching our kundli and gunas but unfortunately he is a manglik. Now the pandit made a new prediction that according to my starts i will get in contact with wrong person and my parents say that it is my boyfriend. And I should not worship God or go to any holly place because it is going to support my starts and will creat a negative impact on my future. some of my friends are suggesting me to get court marriage without letting my parents know and then tell them later on. i am asking this question because i love him and he is an international student so he need to move to get PR but i do not want him to move and my parents seems to be like they are not going to say yes now. at least he can get some opportunity to show himself by getting the PR. Should i do so? Please so not send me those videos saying that i have copied this from this page and 2nd video is best for you. I need a solution not the videos. I hope everyone can help me. I will appreciate your answers and will respect everyone's opinion.

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2016-08-01 21:07:29 -0500 asked a question Is love a bad thing?

Hi, I belong to a gurusikh family. I love a boy but my mother don't like him but she is not even giving me any reason for not liking him. She just simply say that he is not good for you because of the society and status. Now she is saying that few pandits said that I will get into the company of a bad person. What to do? It's creating so much pressure on me that I wish to die. I pray 2 times a day but I am seeing no results from God. It's like I am having no hope of being with him but still I want to be with him.

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2016-07-13 08:38:26 -0500 asked a question Kundi Matching: Manglik Dosha

I am a Sikh and love a boy who is also a Sikh but my parents also believe in matching the Kundli and all that stuff. To fulfil their requirements I did that and now we came to know that the boy is Manglik and I am not. Pandit said that if I will marry him then after 3 months of marriage he will die and even though if he do not die we will have problem in our marriage life as there will be conflicts between me and his mother and he will always take the side of his mother because the relation between his mother is stronger than the relation between him and me. Pandit also said that there may come chances of divorce and our after marriage life will be full of arguments, conflicts and there will be no peace and happiness in our married life. what to do please help me. I believe in Baba g and I even do path, this is my first relationship and I have never been in love with anyone before. Please help me and give positive responses.