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2017-08-03 22:54:10 -0500 commented answer I mucked up please help me out

I pray they forget. Thank you strongKaur xx

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Thank you so much strongKaur for talking to me about it. I really appreciate it.

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I know that they are not malicious girls but i understand how it would it look like form his perspective. I pray that everyone forgets this whole thing. I feel so bad. I haven't been able to forget it. I am never going to bring this up again and if they do I am not going to carry it on.

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It was such an awful thing and I am trying to make amends for it. He couldn't hear us at all he was very far away. Which is why I know that he didn't hear us. I should have not agreed with them when they asked me but it was such a stupid heat of the moment thing to do.

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Hi everyone,

I need to ask something that I never thought I would ever have to ask in my entire lifetime. What I need to make clear before I ask though, is that I am a huge advocate for racial equality and have always stood by the rights of immigrants, people of different ethnic backgrounds and that's how I've been for my entire life and will continue to be. But I think I've mucked up big.

I have a group of 4 that I'm in for an anatomy lab, and a couple of weeks ago, we were playing with different coloured wires to mark different nerves. One of the girls (who is european) was saying how it was black and like kept saying it but not in a mean or racial way at all. We were overall talking about different TV shows that depict different ethnic peoples and she said 'black nerve' again to which I then realised that there was a man of African ethnicity in the table behind her and I just told her maybe we shouldn't be saying black over and over again. The mood of the entire table was light, and we were not serious in any way and we don't have any malice at all. On Monday, he was standing in front of a black curtain at the future of the lecture theatre - the girls (who are both european and very lovely, like genuinely very nice) turned to me and said do you remember our conversation to which I replied yes. We exahnged another few words and I can't remember what it was but my said "But guys in all honesty" and then I stopped and said nothing at all. They turned around and then about 2 minutes later one of the girls turned and said to me "Were you just about to say you can't see him?" and I stopped for a moment and agreed. I am killing myself for agreeing. They cracked up - again the mood is light. They said that it was the best timing of a joke since last lab.

My question is this - none of us were being racist at all, and I didn't even say anything, I agreed to something that they said. But what if he finds out? We have different circles and these girls are very very nice and one of them even came up to me and said that she knows I feel bad and that it'll only stay as a joke between the 3 of us. I have been killing myself about this for 2 days. I am not a racist. I never have been. And I know they wouldn't say anything because they really are genuine. But I can't stop thinking of the worst possible scenario where that guy finds out, as we are all doing the same course but we have such different circles. I didn't mean it at all ... (more)

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2016-11-23 23:38:37 -0500 commented answer Please help me what do i do?

Also, I pray that what you said comes true -no friend would want to compromise a strong friendship, and I never said anything about my sister anyway that I'm worrying. Lets see how things turn out x

2016-11-23 23:21:03 -0500 commented answer Please help me what do i do?

Its been hard! Through the messages my mum and I have seen he's been manipulating her against the both of us and been saying nasty things about me for a while, so I'm not his biggest fan. But I talked to my mum and dad today and we're going to not mention these messages and talk differently.

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To both of you, I first want to say a massive thank you for getting back and talking to me via the net. It means a lot that there are good people out there who won't judge my mistakes and let me feel like the world isn't going to come crashing down.

I understand both of you completely. While I know I shouldn't have read her messages, I was frustrated by lack of trust between us sisters because of her lying to me about certain things regarding him, and I was told off by my father for doing that. It was completely wrong and invasive, but I learnt so much about the nature of their relationship via that. I shouldn't have. I told my mum about the whole deal and together we have agreed to put this behind us and not talk about the messages and their details. Together we feel that we have to deal with the situation face to face and address it differently. While the messages made us realize how double sided this boy was, we know that we can't tell my sister but instead need to tackle it differently. And like you say strongKaur, we are going to let her make her own mistakes after talking to the boy. I think I need to completely let this go and just admit the mistakes I've made (I told my sister I was sorry for making her relationship hard) and let things go.

I also talked to my friend today, and she said that she would never ever say anything. She made me understand that the things we talked about were my venting and frustration and that whatever I told her (which was not about my sister) she would keep in confidence with her, and I trust that. So I'm praying to God that nothing goes wrong, and that my mum and I can talk to my sister and talk things out.

I never wanted to make my sisters life hard or muck up her relationship, that was never the intention. I never wanted for things to get worse I was just wanting her to not make a mistake. I think I didn't take the right path, and know I'm hoping I can fix that and make her realize that. I love her and want her to be with someone whose good. I never wanted her to think I've mucked her life up. And again like you say strongKaur, 10 years down the line I don't want her to blame me for letting her love go. I did tell her that I never wanted to make things bad I only wanted to make things good.

I'm hoping that my mum, her and I can talk about this soon. I don't want this to continue.

Thank you both for talking to me, it's made me feel a lot better. Lots of love x

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2016-11-22 03:37:47 -0500 asked a question Please help me what do i do?

HI there,

My sister has only this year started seeing this guy that she likes, and as a family we all really liked him at the start too. However, there was something about him that I didn't feel was right and talked about with my mum. He seemed like he wasn't what he really showed people, and I had some problems with him around July of this year. I got so frustrated with his behavior and the loyalty my sister was showing to him and not me that I mentioned to one of my friends that I read her messages that she sends to him where he was talking so much crap about me. I faintly remember also discussing with another close friend of mine that I was having some problems with him. I am so scared now that those people will say all this to my sister and it'll make me look like a horrible sister. The only reason I ever mentioned anything to my friends was because I couldn't talk to my sister about it. What do I do? I know my friends have met my sister after I told them and have never mentioned anything, but I feel horrible about the whole deal and feel like they might say something. What do I do? Am i such a horrible sister? I feel like killing myself with shame and terror. 2134

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Thank you so much for your help xx I cant even describe how I feel knowing that I'm not the only one. I cant believe though that I sinned in someone elses house and I want to tell my mum about it but I think I'll say it later. I want to forget it but I want to like admit my mistakes. Thank you all for your advice

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2016-07-07 05:22:47 -0500 asked a question I sinned and I need help!

SSa everyone,

I have. for the past three days, been racked with guilt so bad that I can't sleep or eat. I was staying at someone's house over the past week, and they are close family friends. On sunday night I don't know what came over me, but when I was alone I masturbated in the bed. I'm 20 year old female whose fitted with an IUD (mirena) which is there for health purposes. This device releases hormones and causes me to have like hormone fluctuations as well. I have never done this type of behaviour in my life, and I feel so bad I feel like killing myself for it. I've prayed and prayed for forgiveness and I don't want to tell my parents this because event though their open I feel like my mum will get angry because I sinned in someone else's house. Will I be cursed for this? Will Waheguru ever forgive me? Will I be able to forget this incident - I know I'll never ever do it again, but I want to be given peace of mind. Please help x