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2016-07-04 12:56:18 -0500 asked a question Please help me!! Question of life and death

Me and my partner love each other a lot and we cant live without each other. his parents are amritdhari, they refuse to accept me because i am divorced. my previous marriage lasted only 3 months and i am not here to blame anyone. I am ready to share all details phone numbers address everything of my previous inlaws. i even introduced my current partner to some of my x-husband's relatives. i have been an open book and since the very first day i told him the truth and he told the whole truth to his family. had we hidden the reality from his father, he may have agreed. but that'd be cheating them. can someone pls advise me how to get his dad to agree. we are both sikhs. the only problem is my divorce..... that was something beyond my control and to be fair i can only say one thing that both families and me and my x-husband were wrong not just me. why am i being penalized? please please help me .... i have 100% faith in waheguru ji but i am scared to lose him.... i dont wanna lose my current partner... please help me.

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I am a 29 years old. got married last year but within 3 months me and my husband were separated. his family constantly disrespected my family and he would never make an effort to stop his family. i had moved to another country with him leaving my job, family everything and because his mother refused to accept me she asked her son to not renew or extend my visa and send me back to my family. they eventually managed to get rid of me by not letting my visa extend. once I reached my family, my in-laws took all my gold and other belongings from India and moved to their home country. now everyday my father in-law calls my father and asks for a formal letter from me stating i am willing to divorce on mutual front and only then will they return my stuff. I know it is pointless to live with a spineless man like him who refuses to even interact with me and instead gets his father to call my father all the time. its been a year since we are separated. and he never made an effort to talk to me or find out how am i..... Sikhs do not believe in divorce but i am left with no choice as he and his family especially will never accept me or let me into their family. I am not sure if he feels as guilty as me ........ this whole incident has brought me closer to waheguru ji and i am feel more spiritually connected which is probably why I feel guilty of a divorce which is not allowed in gurbani.... Please help me understand how to feel relieved off this guilt...