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2016-06-29 12:58:11 -0600 asked a question someone having baptised and wearing all Ks and then watching someone being beaten to almost death while making excuses of visa or family, does it still make you a sikh?

The other day I witnessed a beating of an innocent (muslim fellow driver) and the attacker kept thrashing him while thsi gentleman looking at the whole schene only few feet away. not doing a thing about it. This guy got beaten so badly that he almost lost his voice while asking for help " Please help me, help me, he is hurting me". someone jumped in and dragged this poor gentleman out of there to safety and called emergency services police and ambos. and then this guy in swaroop took a customer and took off in his cab. what do you think? is it the right thing to do? i popped the same question in a Gurudwara in local area where this guy who watched the whole drama and didnt attempt to save this guy and was shocked to hear the answer from a member that his life is more important and why should he get hurt as well? just because someone got hurt while saving that guy doesnt make him a better sikh than the one who was witnessing all this quietly. help. i am confused. is being sikh truly mean that if you have five Ks and then you are supposed to take sides of your fellow so called khalsa that are just look alikes? or does it make you a real sikh when you act like one? please excuse my ignorance in this matter and I humbly ask for forgiveness if I have been rude in asking for any comments on this. Gur Rakha.