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2016-06-28 15:53:39 -0500 answered a question need info about a community who call themselves gursikh but i doubt

Sohang something that is present in whole universe . the akal purkh has taken birth after million of yugs . I can understand that at first knowing about such community is quite unusual and many questions comes in one's mind that this might be some gurus or some preacher but it's wrong because a preacher or a guru never proclaimed him self as akal purkh .the akal purkh (whom this community follow)has written 24granth in 72 languages .does it seems simple or quite obveus .well I don't think so. Many a times people ask that why does not media come over here and propagate it , for all of them I just want to say that 'media needs truth , truth doesn't need media'. If you still have some question so I just want say to chant sohang maharaj sher Singh Vishnu bhagwan di jai 5time for starting your day or starting any work . you will notice the change .chant this jaikara 5time good luck