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anyways good luck on your journey to your answers :)

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The secret is to control them and not to let them control us, use them when needed but then tell them to keep their distance. But they are very powerful because they had free reign over your body for so long and they are not going to give it up easily."

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your message reminds me of something i read: "If you think about it we need kaam (lust) else how would the world procreate? We need moh (attachment) else how would need care and look after our children, we need Hunkaar (pride) else we would just let our selves go and become slobs...

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np, the best answers come when we search ourselves and find the answers through our learning and time!

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hey, see my edit above, sorry about that!

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no problem :)

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Hi Yves The most valuable thing in this life is the breath we have. Without breath, our life is over. The five thieves steal our life-breath. Instead of remembering God with that breath as per Hukam (God’s will), we are using that breath to take a bad thought instead (lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride). Watch this video (it is in English), at 19:40 he says what they steal: your amrit (the food for the mind), the Naam, they are preventing you, they steal your breath by making you use it in incorrect ways preventing you from getting a profit and getting the Naam. Hope that helps!

Hey Yves I’m sorry the video was too complicated! I think he builds on the topics over the weeks so its kind of hard to just jump into the lecture if you don’t already have background. So I will try to re-answer your question here in a way that perhaps I would explain to one of my friends and I hope it can be easier for you to understand.

In Sikhism the purpose of our life is to meet God during this lifetime. We believe in reincarnations. A soul is reincarnated into different life forms again and again, based on their actions in that lifetime (karma), until they are able to achieve that purpose. The human life is very special because it is the only life form in which it is possible to achieve our purpose. Once that purpose is achieved, we break the cycle of reincarnation.

To reach God we need to control our mind. Our mind likes to go all over the place! There are generally considered to be three categories of thoughts: “Good”, “neutral”, and “bad”. The bad is considered to be lust, anger, greed, attachment, and pride. These thoughts are like an obsession that takes over the mind. They are described as many things in our scriptures, one of them being “5 thieves.” These are called 5 thieves because they are stealing away our chance at meeting God! The more we are thinking about anger for example, we are using up all of our time in anger instead of remembering God or doing service and helping other people. Our mind gets so wrapped up, it starts to love its thoughts more than God, and forget our purpose. Does that make more sense?

2016-09-23 02:07:32 -0500 asked a question finding sangat

i've been feeling lonely lately. I just don't feel i am in the right sangat. my friends are non-religious and tend to gossip a lot, create a lot of negative energy, and are actually quite emotionally unstable which is probably just a life phase for people my age. I realized they are not helping me get to where i need to be in my life. i know the people i am looking for- i need sangat of people who have met God and are interested in gurbani. I am trying to make my life revolve around sikhi and make it a priority after spending my whole life focused on school/work and family. I met many people while i was traveling but they lived far away and didn't keep in touch. i am feeling kind of isolated doing this alone. I'm an extrovert and i enjoy getting energy off of spending time with people. but unfortunately right now it's a choice of either i spend time with people who are bringing me down, or i stay by myself and work on this alone. I've chosen to spend time alone... but i am missing having a connection with people. the isolation and not having someone to help me stay motivated is taking its toll. Any suggestions?

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WJKK WJKF I dont want to get into too many details but i was in a relationship and we had planned to get married but in the end things between us didnt work out. Im heartbroken and I dont understamd why we were put in each ohters lives if it would end in this much pain. Ive got lots of emotional skills but its not helping, im looking for spiritual guidance. Thres nothing I can do but accept this as Gods will but im having a really hard time letting the dream of spending our lives together do i get over my heartbreak? (Second, people say everything we get in this life including our relationships are based on past karma, where does personal deecisions come in. How do u know if u are making ur choice according to gods will or the right choice or you are deviating from the path destined for you? ...What if i ruin the relationships destined for me? ) Thanks Wjkk wjkf

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i was referring to the fact vagina is separate from urinary opening. but nipples are only openings when feeding baby, and holes in eye corner are like eyes.

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2016-07-25 12:14:20 -0500 asked a question What does the word "Truth" mean in gurbani?

I am wondering when gurbani refers to Truth- example in JapJi sahib "God was the Truth in the beginning and has been so in all the ages." What does the word truth mean there? Is it simply the same as the english translation of truth?

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thanks! that makes sense

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2016-07-25 02:00:46 -0500 asked a question Why 9 gates and not 10?

Sorry this is going to sound like a ridiculous question but I really just have to ask to see if there's an explanation! We say that there are 9 gates/openings for the body, and the 10th is the dasam dwaar. But why do we say 9 for females as well when anatomically that is incorrect- there are 10 already for females and 9 for males. Sorry I don't mean to offend i'm just confused!

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2016-06-28 18:51:55 -0500 answered a question Are Sikhs allowed to chew gum?

yes we are allowed :)

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thanks for your comment

2016-06-25 16:31:12 -0500 asked a question how do i let people go if they hurt me?

I'm a compassionate and understanding person and right now it's hurting me. I give love and understanding and compassion to people who hurt me/are abusive (provided i care about them.) I simply don't have the ability to hate or hold it against them because they have earned my trust/love and then if they treat me badly after that i don't know how to let them go to protect myself from further harm. These are people who tell me that "X" behaviour of mine is the reason why they treat me this way. And therefore i spend my time feeling guilty about not being able to take back what i said or did that hurt that person, and i apologize, but i blame their abuse on myself. Something in my brain tells me that its not me- i'm not at fault, but i've gone through so much now i can't think clearly. I give more and more understaning that perhaps that person is going through a hard time, was hurt by what i did, and i excuse what they do to me. How do i let the people go who are hurting me?