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2016-06-18 12:33:47 -0500 asked a question Please help, im an amritdhari and did something really bad

i am an amritdhari and i did soemthign reallly bad I have liked this guy for a 5 years and i told him that this Feb he said he did to, then on face time we did some bad stuff and showed each other our bodies, i know this is very bad and i stopped afterwards. yesterday i kissed him and let him touch me and then he kissed me again. i cam home and felt sick i knew that i should not have done this. I cried and asked maharaj to help not think about him and to forgive me. This mornign i cried while doign paath i really wont do this ever again, i betrayed maharaj, my family, and myself. how do i ask fro forgivenss, what do i do now,