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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.. I m 31 years old women. I have two kids . Boy(7years old) and girl(5yr old).. My husband is very much caring about my kids. He do everything for kids. He love them and even he cares about me too...Before also we have an issue about our own relationship like he always stays on phone ..And on this Feb 14 a saw a messages on his phone of that girl (Where r u???? Get in my car)..And after that my husband said he is totally devoted to my family nothing more..I will not talk to her....But Waheguru g I m a women of house and a wife I still feel from his actions that they both talk to each other again...What should I do ??? I cant talk about this anyone bcoz I dont feel like...What should I need to do??? I don't now what should I do ...Plzzz can anyone suggest what should I do?? Waiting for suggestion...plzzzz