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2017-10-18 03:14:51 -0500 commented answer Hukamnama ang 276

Thanks a lot Guruka Singh ji

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2017-10-14 02:00:14 -0500 asked a question Hukamnama ang 276

Sat shri akal ji, Can anyone explain me the meaning of ang 276. My family took this hukamnama for marriage with my boyfriend. Please help me to elaborate. Thanks in advance

2016-08-30 07:55:13 -0500 answered a question Sukhmani Sahib Path congregation, Kindly read the instance and answer.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh..!!

I am not any expert.. Just telling my thinking.. Anything which preach about God is gurubani and according to guru granth sahib ji also ik onkar mean god is one.. Only the way and medium is different.. And main objective of sikh religion is to eliminate all the social, caste or any kind of differences.. So if two or more people praise lord then it should be considered as sat sang, as it is not doing any harm just the way is different


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2016-08-22 06:44:56 -0500 asked a question Family/Marriage problem

Sat Shri akal ji.. I have asked question related to my marriage and sanjog earlier also. This is questions is also somewhat related to that only.. So My parents agreeing for my marriage. I do prayer so that things become good from my partner's side also. But my mother is so much worried about everything she keep on getting angry with me because according to her I am not putting any effort for my marriage. Today what she did was far from my imaginations. After getting frustrated from things(my marriage+My brother's study), she took overdose of her prescribed pills, admitted in hospital right now. I have no idea what should I do to make things happen and situation better. Even I want to get married, but my boyfriend's granny told us she took hukamnama for us and we dont have sanjog for marrying.. SO MUCH FRUSTRATION. please suggest

2016-06-22 12:14:28 -0500 answered a question Help me out I am still depressed

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I suggest rather than thinking about it try to opt any hobby that will divert your mind.. If you can't decide what you like to do, then you can try 2-3 different things and whatever makes you happy continue that. It will be hard to come out of your shell but think like this "The only person who can take best decision for you, is you" . So go for it.. Continue doing path and simran and babaji will help you to achieve anything Please dont be disheartened. Life is too short make it worth living and I know you can do this. God bless you :)

2016-06-20 18:43:27 -0500 answered a question i am having problems in my married life

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Please do path provided link have some shabads which can help you to make your married life good. And personally I don't think you should leave job.. Just do simran and hopefully everything will get resolved soon.. God bless you

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2016-06-11 23:18:09 -0500 commented answer Marriage Problem

I took personal hukkam as directed in the video.. it came to do simran and meditation

2016-06-11 22:37:13 -0500 commented answer Marriage Problem

Thank you so much Satname shri waheguru..!

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2016-06-10 20:15:18 -0500 commented answer Can we change our Sanjog

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Thank you so much for your advice. At a current moment was not able to think anything. Thanks again

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2016-06-10 20:11:58 -0500 commented answer Marriage Problem

Waheguru ji ka kalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Thank you for your advice and will ask for exact hukkam, as I don't know it and paste her.

2016-06-10 20:09:03 -0500 commented answer Marriage Problem

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Will ask nani and let u know the exact hukkam.. Please pray for us. Thanks

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2016-06-10 04:07:19 -0500 commented answer Marriage Problem

not yet. We were thinking to give it time and do ardas as much as we can and then go to gurudwara. Just wanted to ask has anyone experience the change in destiny and sanjog.. really need it :'(

2016-06-10 02:21:17 -0500 commented question Can we change our Sanjog

Someone please help.. I have zero knowledge, any kind person willing to help us. My boyfriend and I love each other from our heart and consider each other husband and wife. It will be sin for us to even think about anyone else. Please guide us.

2016-06-10 02:17:11 -0500 answered a question Marriage Problem

Please someone reply.. I really need help and guidance. We both consider each other husband and wife. Please show us a path by which we can have happy married life. Thanks in advance

2016-06-09 22:15:42 -0500 asked a question Can we change our Sanjog

Hi please can anyone tell me that we can change our destiny or sanjog by doing any kind of prayer??

Would really appreciate your guidance. Feeling so low and helpless

Babaji please help me

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2016-06-09 21:03:00 -0500 commented answer Marriage Problem

I don't believe pandits either but his nani is into so much simran and ardas. She was with us since the beginning. One day she took hukamnama for us, which showed we don't have sanjog. By any chance we can change our destiny. Please help :'(

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2016-06-08 19:07:21 -0500 asked a question Marriage Problem

Hi I am 25 year old girl. I have sikh boyfriend. We know each other since childhood and been in relation for almost 5 years now. We both love each other from all our heart. My family is ok with our relation. Bit his family had issues, then they started showing our horoscope for match making. It came out we can't get married. But I don't believe this because pandits can tell future but guru can change it. My boyfriend's nani was in our favour ever since we were together. But recently she took hukumnama which stated something which is not good. We both love each other alot and already given place of husband and wife to each other. Now this will be wrong to even think about anyone else. Please help what should we do. Please sade vaste asdas kr leo