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As per jugti, from dhan dhan sant baba Nand singhji , if u really want to wake up amritvela but you are unable to , then one must do two Sri Japji saheb path other than his/her nitnem and do the ardaas ,then its the duty of Guru Nanak Himself to make u wake up at amritvela .

PS: do this till at least 40 days

Other than these try to eat less at night before sleeping that would help u in waking up early .

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Even this was the answer that I got from other people .. Is it valid using such kirpan then ?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

I am a Sikh from Mumbai and recently I and my mother made a plan to meet my grandmother in Kathmandu (Nepal) . Now the real problem is after getting tickets booked , we came to know that one cannot carry a Kirpan inside an international air flight, that means I am allowed to carry in the luggage but not with me wearing, Now , In such case we both dont have any clue what to do!

Please help us in this context!