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Hello i recently came across thiss article on, it's about aurangzeb. In thiss there is a reference about SRIII GURU GOBIND SINGH JI which is in accurate. It says -

After the death of Teg Bahadur, Gobind Singh became the tenth Guru of Sikhs.Open war started between the Mughals and the Sikhs.Guru Gobind Singh organised the Sikhs into a military order; the Khalsa.He revolutionlised the philosophy of the Sikhs.He said that he would make men of the four castes into Lions and destroy the Mughals.[23]He organised an army and built forts on the hills.From 1695 onwards he fought succeccfully against the combined forces of the Mughals and the Hill Chiefs,but was ultimately defeated and forced to leave Anandpur.

GURU SAHIB was never defeated and he chose to leave the fortress of Anandpur Sahib with his own willl. I need to edit this article or complaint about it. Can't find an edit link on the article itself nor is support team able to help. Any technically sound Sikhs please help. My email id is [email protected]

Regards, Jit Singh