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2016-04-28 01:47:58 -0600 answered a question how to do sukhmani sahib

I read every carefully. and now i told all of u own experience. Last year i.e in when we shift to own new house in 28 june 2011. starting of january 2012 some evil soul disturbed me every knight. then i started at the evening path of sukhmani sahib every day in loudly voice. after 2-3 day , once slept , i feel a evil soul is coming to me, at time i chant the mantr of 5th poudi (ek onkar satnam karta purkh nirbau nirvare, akal murat azuni sabang gur parshad. jup aad such jugaad such hi bi such nanak hosi bi such. my conscious awekend , i come out my physical body and i beat him hardly and he run away. and that and this day he not come again. and now, i do the path of sukmani sahib ji every day with pure heartly. (Wahguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.)