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WJKK WJKF Thanks a lot g. I really liked what you said in a straight forward way :-) . Waheguru Mehr karan..

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh brother.. thanks for the reply.. and yes there will be no physical contact between me and her.. I was just concerned about the emotional intimacy.. Thanks

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I am an amritdhari boy of 21 years of age. I love a girl and she loves me too very much. I have done a kurehat with her by kissing her intimately as she is not my wife and non-amritdhari too. I have gone to panj pyare and felt sorry for the same and retaken the amrit. but i want to ask if it is ok to love someone if we dont do anything physical before anand-karaj. I am getting really different answers from forums and blogs. I am really confused. I am suffering from OCD/Pure-O thus I am not coming to a certain decision. I have told her also about this and she said we can try to remain friends before marriage but it is a bit difficult to go back to the relation as best friends from being lovers. Is it ok to love someone from pure heart when we have a full developed idea of marrying in our mind and not some time pass ? And I also have told my parents about that girl and they have no problem. But the question is that is it a kurehat to have love,respect and feeling for someone(nothing physical only love and respect for one another) before anand karaj, is it against the sikhi ? plz guide as I am not getting a definite answer..