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2016-02-07 03:02:16 -0600 asked a question I'm in love with married singh men!

Thanks for reading.. Hopefully some one can help me!

So last year I met a guy at work it was attraction at first glance. We talk alot for a full month, then started datting I learn from him he is a Singh. He told he was single, and I believe him cause he respected me alot.. Months passed and we started having a sexual relationship.. I got pregnant but for God's will I lost my baby... Then one day after 6 months of a relationship, surprise I discover he was married and had two kids!! I has shocked and heart broken.. But he explained to me he was in an arranged marriage and he didn't love the wife, he said he loved me but he couldn't leave his kids or her, and I agree I didn't wanted to brake his marriage. I try to leave him but it has been so hard I truedly love him with all my heart! He is all I think all day, I have been depress sense.. The thing is we just talk and he straight forward has told me these..... Baby I love you and I wish I had met you 5 years ago you are all I ever wanted and I have always looked for, I wanna write to God and ask him why he has send you to me so late if he had brought you before you would've carried my last name by now, I love you so much but I love my kids too and I can't leave them, but I want you by me always please don't leave me. You are the love of my life please understand! I can't live without you and also I can't hurt my wife..I only ask you to understand me. I need you in my life.

I have cryed my self to sleep thinking about what to answer him.. It hurt me alot he lie to me but I'm in love with him. I feel empty with out him, worthless!

Please advise me on what to do and tell him when he comes for my answer! I have thought about his wife and kids but what about me?? I love my Singh baby!!