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2016-04-18 00:34:16 -0600 asked a question What is hell?

Sikhi believes in hell right? What is hell? Should i fear it? What happens in hell? How can i overcome things that stain my soul?

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2015-11-25 19:46:52 -0600 asked a question My horrible desire

I admire sikhs for their courage and strenghth.

They explain the truth and how to achieve it. The sikhs have amazing courage and excellent dedication. I admire the way their community to be strong in times of hardships. But me, I can only bow my head in shame. My heart drowns in lust, my mind overwelmed by illusion and my soul tries to fight the illusion. But what is the illusion, If I can not see it, how do I fight it?

I cut my hair, I eat meat and I am a sinner. Right now I live in hell and I dont know how to merge with God. I go to sleep in tears. Whoever I ask just tells me the same thing:

Yo are only thirteen, study hard! Im foolish stupid and weak I dont know much, Im a horrible person, but i do know this, and although it says on my birth certificate i am a Singh. But I know that in truth, I am not a Singh at all. I have no dignity, I deserve no respect, I am the true low caste, and I am a sinner. What would a true Singh or Kaur tell me?