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2012-11-08 10:37:23 -0600 answered a question I failed a course, I am so stressed, Waheguru ji help me please...


I just failed the bar exam. I was of course devastated at first, but quickly saw it as a blessing.

As Sikhs we are taught to live in Bhaana (God's will) and in order to fully practice this, we must be willing to accept the good and the bad in our lives with full Chardi Kala.

As a human, all you can do is try, just because you try really hard, does not mean you are entitled a particular result. A perspective of entitlement is counter-intuitive to the humility a Sikh is suppose to practice in their daily lives.

Failure can be a huge blessing, it can propel you into an amazing direction in life if you embrace it and allow it to release you from the pressures of being perfect all the time. Nobody is perfect. Try Again. and Again.

I have no less respect for you just because you didn't pass an exam, and you shouldn't either. Respect yourself, love yourself, and just let yourself be. It really is OK.

Do not let matters of this world; money, exams, careers destroy your light, you are the light of God. Protect that light, and let it shine always.

Wishing you a successful,happy, and peaceful life, HK