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Thanks for al ur replies.. I don't know how I got interested but it's more of a belief than jus telling it an interest.. One of my friend visited golden temple n told abt it so right from the time she told I started believing.. Thanks a ton for the wonderful reply :)

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Pls someone answer me

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Ji namasthe!! My name s Deepika am 24yrs old n am a Hindu, tamilian.. How much I respect n pray our gods I pray baba ji too!! I ve always been influenced a lot by waheguru ji n I believe in him.. I am planning to visit Amritsar very soon and would make it as a practice of visiting every year.. Now my question s can I Keep a khanda locket wid me..? I ordered a prasad online from golden temple I've got a locket , rumaal and a kirpan.. Can I keep them in my handbag? Is der any sacred thread or anything dat I can get to keep our family away from any kind of bad effects? Pls guide me.