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2012-11-14 05:54:15 -0500 asked a question Being a good sikh

To the sangat

If u usually look on the negative side of things, do you believe this is genetic? So certain people are more prone than others to think negatively/always imagine the worse ?

Also does having a strong meditative practice automatically eliminate negativity/bad thoughts? Or do you think that old habits die hard and ur destined to be like this for life. ?

Another thing that realli does my head in is if you really want to be humble, thing good of others and not be jelous then how do you do that? E.g you may b able to keep it up for a few days but then u revert bak to the old self. Its so anoying coz i always feel guilty after thinking bad about someone or thinking of myself as being higher than others and even though i want so much to not do it its like automatic so i cant help it alo of the time.

How do you wish the best for others if you dont like that person? And moreover how to wish the best for others when deep down you want to be the best yourself... Its very difficult

What are the sangats veechar on this?


2012-11-14 05:42:25 -0500 answered a question Why are these thoughts happening?

Gurfateh ji

I would like to say that ur not alone, i am going through something similar. Since coming into sikhi, i have had these strange/ obtrusive and often disgusting thoughts that jus pop into my head and its all sikhi related. So even though i cant say i feel as much anand/peace as you, i feel that these thoughts/images are preventing me from getting closer to Guru ji

I used to worry so much about them to the point where i think i was borderlining depression..seriously.. But then i read that the only way is to ignore them as this reduces the respect and importancr we give to although now i am not as fearful of them, they still disturb me and arr generally just anoying.

And yea it could be saying stupid /bad things to guru ji, i know what ur sayin, u feel guilty immediately after and feel the need to punish yourself.. Just keep doing ardas, Guru sahib has all the power to eliminate this negativity in a split second and i supose we have to live in the hope that one day He will.

I am interested in peoples views on this, is it just a case of doing loads of naam simran which will get rid of it or do we ignore it completely or like veer/bheji said is there a specific mantra to overcome this.

Please some Guru piara shed some light

Thanks in advance

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2012-11-05 12:17:21 -0500 answered a question Intrusive thoughts

Thank you penji, i feel more positive following reading your post..i realise its not something i should let hold me back...

Think the key is to not be afraid of these thoughts/images

Hopefulli its a battle we will win with Guru ji's kirpa

God bless u too tc

2012-11-02 09:31:19 -0500 answered a question Intrusive thoughts

Thank you sangat ji for your replies

One thing ive noticed is the more i worry about it the more they attack. There is immense guilt aswell, which makes me focus on it even more but then i think if i dnt feel guilty and ask for Guru jis forgiveness then Guru ji may think im not botherrd that im havin these bad thoughts.

Also i often feel helpless that Guru ji will turn his back on me bcoz these thoughts/images can get so revolting..

I agree naam and bani is the answer n i no people struggle and the panj chor attack etc but i just thought they were other vikaars, less severe and it seems like not many people suffer from extreme intrusive thoughts like me so it leaves me wondering why me and do i actuali stand a chance of having a strong jeevan..

The only other thing i can think of is take a positive approach to this problem and see the thoughts as stupid, rather than being scared of them i should ignore em regardless of how bad they may be???

2012-10-31 15:25:55 -0500 asked a question Intrusive thoughts

Ive been getting into sikhi more in the past few years..and this has become a more serious attempt to practice sikhi within the last year or so. I have intrusive, scary and disturbing thoughts that pop into my head before i have even thought them! It started off as the odd thing but in the past few months things have gone from bad to worse. I read sumwhere that these kind of thoughts are an off-shoot of anxiety..and i do tend to worry a lot e.g how will i build a strong, spiritua jeevan amongst various other things. These thoughts are too shameful to share but an example is an image popping into my mind of someone openly weeing in the gurdwara in the presence of guru granth sahib ji ..disgusting ino and i hate it but what can i do they just come out of nowhere...they are so random and mostly of a rude nature.. What makes it worse is tht these thoughts are all related to sikhi, our guru, sanagat and ithiaas... This makes me even more disgusted, and i feel like the only one in the world to have thoughts of this makes me worry so much about the punishment i am guna receive for havin these thoughts and what sikhi can i build up when i have these thoughts to deal with? I also feel resentful towards guru ji at times e.g y cant guru ji just eliminate these anoying things..andthen this feelin of dislike makes me want to hate myself even more.. Its a vicious circle. I really do not know what to do...this is seriously making me unhappy, ino sikhi is a hard path and all that but surely its not to such an extent that we r meant to be miserable (like me) constantly battling stupid thoughts all day and living in fear of how bad ur thoughts r going to become. Please anyone shed some light

Thank you in advance