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2012-11-17 09:26:31 -0500 asked a question convert to sikhism

Can a person convert to sikhism without taking Amrtit?

2012-11-15 03:00:16 -0500 asked a question Should sikh women wear turban ?

Should sikh women wear turban? I don't think that Guru Gobid Singh ji has ordered sikh women to wear turban after taking Amrit.Women look very nice and decent with dupattas on their heads.

2012-11-01 06:56:03 -0500 answered a question kaam vasna

As in the first answer mentioned, this is normal, almost every teenager goes through this kind of problems.who get proper guidance from their teachers , parents or friends can easily solve this problem.because every human being has the different nature, the way to cope with this problem can vary. you too has to find your own way to quit this problem.but help from friends and your well-wishers is very important.

First of all you have to believe in yourself that you can get rid of this problem. and you have to trust in sri guru granth sahib. when you are alone you think of sex, so try to spend as much time as you can with your family and good friends. you are shy. you have to be little bit more open , you know many shy kind of nature people have problems like this because they don't share their thoughts with anybody.because when we talk about some subject for a while we lose energy and interest in that subject so when we don't have erergy to talk more about a subjet, we can easily divert our attention from it.but people you talk with should be nice and wise. start playing games that need lot of energy,when you are tirei interest in sex will decrease and you will be able to divert your thoughts from sex to other things. start getting up early in the morning take morning walk or jogging, you will definitely feel better, and this will strenghthen you to fight with your problems.and start doing Nitnam. Most important that you set a small and short target for you to keep you at distance from bad things. for example if you masturbate daily, promise yourself not to do it for atleast one day. if you succeed then try to extend your target to two days and so on. When you get your target you will feel good and your confidence will increase and you will have more energy to do more.You have to build up your confidence this is the most important thing which will help you to quit this problem.but your target should be short and small so you can achieve it easily if you set a big target and fail to achieve it, you can lose your confidence. What kathawachak told you, is totally nonsense. I would advise you to make some female friends i mean you should not be so shy. you should talk to girls. you know when we desire for something and we can't get it our curiosity increases to get that thing and at some point becomes dangerous and we do something before your curiosity gets should learn how to handle it, you should experience thing you are curious for.You should not misunderstand me i just said to get to know and talk to some girls i don't say that you should spend your time after ... (more)

2012-10-31 02:02:00 -0500 asked a question spread sikhism all over the world

Why we don't have missionaries like Dr. Zakir nayak? although sikhism is modern,practical and logical comparing to other religions.sikhism is 100,000 times better than islam.

2012-10-27 16:31:38 -0500 answered a question amritdhaari sikh limits

waheguru ji ka khalsa sri waheguru ji ki fateh This is a topic which needs a lot of time to be explained so i don't think that this short answer can clear up every aspect of this topic. Because we are here to learn something about Sikhism and share our openions and experience with sikh community so i would like to highlight some points that could affect sikhism in someway. After clicking on this link and after reading the answeres on a question from a girl who was in love with some amritdhari sikh boy. But they did not belong to same caste that,s why girl's parents were against their love. Now there are two problems, first...Is caste system importsnt to us than Sikhi? second...Is a amritdhari sikhboy or girl has the right to fall in love with someone.

As far as i know there is no place for caste system in sikhism.According to me if you believe in cast system you are not a sikh and.Inspite of being a sikh if you believe in such system you should convert to a religion that favours cast system.Because sri Guru Nanak Dev ji spent his whole life fighting against caste system and inequality in the society. That's why he started "SANGAT and PANGAT" pratha. And later srai Guru Gobind Singh Ji created "KHALSA PANTH" and one of the fundamental principles of the Khalsa panth was not to believe in caste system. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji honoured khalsa panth with new identity and raised to a highst level that a humanbeing can ever achieve in his life. But people who disobeying sri Guru Nanak Dev ji and sri Guru Gobind Singh ji by believing in custom like caste system, how can they call themselves sikhs. So now we have to choose, what is important to us Sikhi or custom like caste system, we can't have both. I have posted a new question "Csate system in Sikhism good or bad? what do you think?" i want to know your views on this topic.Later we will discuss this topic in detail.

Now we come to secod point... I think to love somebody is not prohibited in Sikhism.Every humanbeing is made of same material and five senses.As we grow up our body changes, in the young age our needs requirements and demands are different than we had in our childhood and when we get older our body demands different things from us according to our physical and mentaly health. Now question is...Should we do everything what our body and mind requires from us i would say no.Earlier i talked about Mentaly health, this is the main thing. but now question is how can we keep our mind healthy? A healthy mind can be discribed and defined differently by different religions. One more question... can we over come our desires for ever ... (more)

2012-10-27 13:28:09 -0500 answered a question kaam vasna

waheguru ji ka khalsa sri waheguru ji ki fateh

First of all you have to answer a few questions.

  1. How old are you?
  2. Where do you live?(city or village)
  3. What do you do?
  4. Mention a little bit about your family(big family? any family problems? etc.)
  5. Tell me a little about your nature. are you composed, short-tempered etc.
  6. What time kaam vaasna disturbs you mostly?(throughout the day?,when you work?, when you are free?, in the night? etc.)
  7. What attracts you most in women?
  8. Do you have any hobbies?(playing games?, reading books? watching T.V.? using internet? watching movies?
  9. How do you feel when you are not sexually stimulated?( good or bad?)
  10. Have you got friends? do you have a best friend?
  11. What do your friends do? do they have same hobbies?
  12. Do you have a girl friend? i mean do you have physical relationship with somebody(male or female)?
  13. Do you or your friends drink, smoke or take other drugs?
  14. For how long have you been having this problem?
  15. When did you realize that you have got a sex(kaam vasna)problem?
  16. How serious is this problem?
  17. Did you try to handle this problem? if yes how?
  18. How many people know about your problem? and what they say?
  19. Are you serious to get rid of this problem and how far you can go to cure this problem?
  20. What do you know about sex and what is sex from your own point of view?

I know these are too many questions. you dont have to answer all the questons at once. But these questions are important to figure out your problem and to find out a solution to your problem.Best of luck.

2012-10-27 02:03:09 -0500 asked a question Caste system in Sikh society.

Although our Guru sahibaan taught and ordered us to consider the whole Mankind as one and equal community,still there is a caste system in sikh society. what do you think? is this good or bad for Sikhism?

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2012-10-25 09:48:05 -0500 answered a question sikhism is losing it's respect why?

Sat shiri Akal, it is very nice that there are some people who think positive about sikhism's future. but the most important thing we should not ignore the reality. i have discussed with non sikhs about sikhism and answered all their questions and made them understand that sikhism is flawles opposite other religions. i was very disappointed to hear that they did not even know basic things about sikhism and they had many prejudices and misperceptions about sikhism and it's culture. why? because nobody told them about sikhism.we feel very proud when we talk abou sikh history.Is this enough? most of the non sikhs don't know even one percent of sikh history. how many people know that sikhs have sacrificed their lives to protact hindus? how many people know that sikhs made a huge contribution (almost 80% to 90%)to indian freedom struggle against british despite being one percent of the indian population at that time? how many people know how many parmvir chakkar have sikhs won for india in wars against pakistan and china? and how many victoria cross have sikhs won for the british in first and second world war? we have to keep in mind that wars need brave soliders to be fought but without strength, wisdom and majority you can not win a war. today we all know that a small family is a happy family, i agree. but look at others for example musilms, they have got 10,15 and even more than 20 children in a family. i don't say that we should do the same.but we have a great challenge to maintain our majority. we have many obstacles and challenges to keep our religion alive in this know Dr. zakir nayak he has created a indian version of islam to impress non muslims and he has suceeded,i have listened his speeches. he tries to explain all the things related to islam with logic.although islam has not much to do with logic like other religions. and sikhism which is modern and based only on logic is fallig back. why? because there is still cast system in sikhism, which damaged sikhism.and there is still dowery system in sikhism. and we dont have enough missionaries like christens ans muslims. we have money and we don't have to change anything in sikhism to make people like it, we just need to tell the world how great this religion is. other very very important thing that prevents non-sikhs to embrace sikhism is the way( ritual, custom) to convert to sikhism that one has to take AMRIT and five KAKARS. many non-sikhs like sikh philosophy and they want to be sikh but they don't want to change their look.that's why they don't convert to sikhism. and what DR. zakir nayak does? he calls a non-muslim to a microphone and ask, do you believe in one god? do you accept mohammand as last ... (more)

2012-10-24 12:24:08 -0500 asked a question sikhism is losing it's respect why?

Today Sikhism is going through a very difficult time. Who is responsible for that ? i think our ancestores ,our grandparents and our parents who did not tell the next generation what is sikhism all about. if they explained sikhism to somenoe then it was an inaccurate explanation. do you agree ?

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2012-10-24 11:56:14 -0500 answered a question amritdhaari sikh limits

i think this a very strange and stupid answer that a amritdhari sikh can not have girlfriend and has to consider every girl as his means an amritdhari sikh should not get married because every girl is his sister.i think it is very natural that a young man get attracted towards a young girl.but being a sikh he has to behave like a mature man and tell his and her parents everything. if they are not ready to accept their love then he is free to take another decision, but he must try not to hurt anyone. but if his love is true then he should trust in Waheguru and do what he has to do. today sikhism is losing its respect and glory because of such people who don't know anything about sikhism and tell other people illogical things.if sikhism ever get died out, such people will be responsible for that. sikhism is based on logic, everything that is explained without logic does not belong to sikhism.this is sikhism's strength what other religion don't have. if we don't explain sikh religion's teachings with logic than we will be like other religion which preach useless things. i have been thinking about to form a Forum where i can ansewr all the question and i think i have to do this as soon as possible otherwise such people, who are telling other people wrong things about sikhism will destroy sikhism. i request all the people who read this to give me suggestions and support. i have lot to say , i think we can get the sikhism its respect back if we all use our brain obey our guru sahibaan's skype ID is ajitjeet (jalandhar, punjab), thanks.