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2015-11-09 17:59:34 -0600 asked a question What are the three worlds in the Sikh scriptures?

In the Sikh scripture it's mentioned about 3 worlds but it also says there are worlds upon worlds of his creation and that there are millions of galaxies and billions of planets. So what does the 3 worlds mean?

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2015-10-17 12:32:56 -0600 asked a question What does this mean?

What does it mean that God created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva? I thought there is only One God and if so why would God create lesser gods?

"He created air, water, fire, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 504). "He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; they act according to His will" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 948). Why do some people worship Brahma but hesitate to worship God when "Even Brahma and his sons sing God's Praises; Sukdayv and Prahlaad sing His praises as well" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1224).

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2015-10-14 15:33:52 -0600 asked a question What do Sikhs think of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses etc

Do Sikhs believe these people are prophets or do they think they are false teachers?

2015-10-14 15:25:33 -0600 asked a question Confused by statements in Guru Granth Sahib

I am confused by the statements in the Guru Granth Sahib that say that God created Brahma and Shiva etc. I thought these deities were false and didn't exist!? Is this only a parable?

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2015-10-10 13:45:50 -0600 answered a question Affairs and marriage

Hey, if you were unhappy and your children were unhappy God will not be against your divorce. He obviously didn't have no intention of changing and I don't believe God would want you to be unhappy in your life.

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2015-10-10 12:44:38 -0600 asked a question Do Sikhs believe in angels/spirit beings?

I have encountered people who say they have an angel or god peaking to them but they seem to say the name of the god they believe in so to them it confirms their own faith and they try to prove their faith based on this experience. Surely this can't be God or his angels saying he is all these different names which is confusing people or am I missing something here?

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2015-10-09 16:59:55 -0600 answered a question Will God forgive me?

Do you think I need to own up to the people who believed me and didnt believe me about the dreams or just the ones who believed me? One of the people I told was the leader of a small Orthodox group in Israel nd he didn't believe me anyway and it caused a heated discussion and he was very cross with me. I know if I owned up to him I would only get negativity and not reconciliation from him as I don't talk to him now anyway. Do you think I need to tell the doctors about the lies about my health when I was 14? I'm 19 now so they were 5 years ago, my grandmother said I have harmed nobody except myself and she doesn't believe I have to own up to people that would not understand.

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2015-10-09 04:00:50 -0600 asked a question Does God know what will happen before?

Does God know what will happen before it happens or does he just know past and presenr?

2015-10-09 03:57:25 -0600 asked a question Does the Sikh God have a personal name?

I'm wondering if the Sikh God has a personal name like the Jewish YHWH or the Muslims Allah? I understand that you believe that everyone is worshipping the same God but does he have a name or just many titles?

2015-10-09 03:43:31 -0600 asked a question Will God forgive me?

I have committed very stupid sins in my life including lies about my health, when I was little I said I had pains I never had. I have told these lies to lots of people but now I feel so sorry inside and anxious whether God will forgive me or not. I have owned up to all of the lies and my friend and carer say they have forgiven me. I dont know why I told the lies and the guilt and anxiety is killing me and the thought of having to own up to these people who most of them didn't believe me anyway feels me with dread.