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2012-10-16 15:53:11 -0600 asked a question Masturbation

Is it right to masturbate? If it is ok, then why do I feel guilty afterwards, and how do I stop it. Moreover, how do you resist all forms of sexual energy coming from literally everything, books, tv, computer etc. And how do you exercise self control. I feel like I am not being a true gursikh and am not thankful for all Waheguruji has blessed us with. Please tell me the right way out.

2012-09-20 15:25:32 -0600 asked a question How to overcome lust?

Sir, I am a 16 year old girl. My entire family consists of sikhs and I try and do my baani, if not regularily then often. When I was 14 I discovered how to masturbate and ever since then have been struggling like mad to overcome the thoughts and the impulse. I have written and prayed and apologised to waheguruji and promised him that I would overcome kaam but it simply never holds. I do not think I have gone longer than a month without masturbating. It kills me,the feeling of guilt over shadows my day. Many a times I "accidently" stumble upon pornographic images and the feeling strenghtnes. I am tired sir of this and want to stop. I want the pain to stop and mostly I want to really, truly become an Amritdhari sikh one day. I dont even trust my self control anymore. How am I even worthy of all that I have been blessed with?