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Hope you are done with dilemma & stopped all mean of communication with the subject & more focused on waheguru who will lead you to real sikhi path. We need real gutSikh girls like you who will raise great Sikh lion & lioness . Plz be focused & leave your heart at gurus feet rest assured Wkwf

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Hello, This is called "pull & push" technique taught by PUA artist to fetch girls to bed . & this bastard is trying same on you. It worked . Just block him on phone . Just neglect what he says , you will be good.ignore any of his sentence , your problem being you are taking his " pull push " technique pre made dialogues seriously . Just think a dog is barking.

Don't fall for anything , we have llost enough of our population Bcoz of crap girls we have. How can someone give doubt of benefit when this entire community is known for violating other community women! Ya you can't trust them , don't fool yourself . wanna meet thousands of girls spoilt by these bastards who thought same way. Visit a link above how she trusted one & then treated or wanna really meet many such women . Stay away & if you have more Sikh girls around you . Keep them safe too. Think abt what your parents , will suffer through when you go worng ,


Hello, You have to focus on yourself waheguru & your loved ones(parents) who will stand by you in any situation & what rest of the world say should not matter to you.When you go in professional world so many people will try manipulate you so just be strong & not let any talk or sentence effect you. He would have definitely used following lines or something very similar Things like 1)" I noticed something interesting about you " & then you go mad what did he notice , then guy keep you waiting & after sometime when your curiosity level is at the top, he tell today you have different hair style & how good it look or something similar 2)" I dont like two things about girls." - He tells you one & then tells i will tell other when i think you are ready for it or when you grown up women 3) Telling quite often , why you inquiring like cop, or my mom, or dont be my mom or Grow up girl. 4) Sudden change in behavior like talk sweetly once & then go out of limelight for days or or ignore you. There are many & it can mess up any young mind. SO stay away & dont listen to anybody but your parents. Give your heart to guru & his gursikh followers Not someone stupid

Also dont share your pic with anyone even through social media, These guys specially from UK upload those pics of indian girls on Porn sites & degrade the girl.I have millions of evidence

We need strong girls like you who can lift the sikhi status so just keep away from materialistic attachment like this & lean towards guru.

Also remember dont let anybody know about your feelings you had so that no one chase you emotionally ( emotional blackmail-crap like i like you, love ypou , i cant live without you) like crap Bollywood movies.Also dont be alone with any guy , there are many cases where these stupids have assaulted girls in an isolated place. Behave as ... (more)

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2015-09-01 15:02:12 -0500 answered a question friendship with a muslim guy (help me)

Dear, you seems to come from one of few families where they really care about religion & definitely don't want you to leave greatest religion for someone else.

1) Can a man and a woman be friends, what does Sikhism have to say about this? (what about a sikh woman and muslim man, can they be just friends?) I would say stay away from him, cut all means email, phone ,physical talks.ISnce you only have mentioned he is a player & would have spoiled many lifes, then why would you care abt such a person.Your parents may even get shock knowing about all this .Above all these people are everywhere to use women of every other religion to degrade them. SO stay away

2) Did I do the right thing by cutting him off, if so how do I remove the guilt (that I might have hurt his feelings) Why you care for his feeling .Did he cared for feelings of the girls he slept with.he may just want to take another sikh girl to bed to degrade us. When he never cared abt others feeling, so you need not.You have to be strong.You will see many such people in the world & you will have to be harsh on them. SO dont be emotional.

3) Is it wrong to like someone from a different religion? Yes it is wrong.Why our girls only leaving greatest religion for others ,latest survey showed our population dropped by .7 % & this is one of the prominent reason.Beneath he will be a muslim ,Would he let his sister marry non muslim. There are millions of evidences to proof this mentality of this religion world over. Think about your parent( if they are real sikh) would they be able to digest it.Find yourself a gursikh & stay away from this nuisance.Above all only genuine friends are necessity of life & not the one who would seek chance to take their female girl to bed.

He may play love emotional angle to be able to finally to bed you( applogize for this), so completely avoid him. Stay away do naam, kirtan, listen gurbaani & let not anyone distract you from your sole aim of becoming guru gobind singhs daughter.