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2018-07-09 14:05:32 -0600 commented answer Amritdhari singh and muslim girl

Waheguru ji i am not sure who you are and why are you here but every person is different you you will commit sucide than marry sikh be my guest i care less i amk my perople i want their help i dont want you help brotherif you think sikhs are kafir or whatever you think then wtf are you doing here

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Her parents are not the problem my parents are but they are really open minded people noone is amritdhari in my family other thn me so i think they ill agree.

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Waheguru ji i already made her clear thrat i ill never ever be convert into a muslim and i wont lforce her into convery as well. In terms of kids we both agree we ill teach them both its upto them what they wanna choose.i am amritdhari singh but faith in guru really high so i wont ever change

2018-07-08 21:48:08 -0600 asked a question Amritdhari singh and muslim girl

Wjkk wjkf

Waheguru ji i have been seeing a muslim girl and we really started to like each other alot. We talk every day and i think we fell for each other already and wants to get married to each other. We were disscussing how we gonna get married and how our kids goona be raised as a muslims or as a sikhs and we have alot if confusions if anyone here have some good suggestion for us please let us know us. I dont wanna force her in any way to convert to sikhsim if she do it with her own will thats a different story but i am just confuse how can we figure out stuff

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I think the reason i said i cant seems to find someone who i can talk to is maybe bcz i come too strong on thek maybe i am to needy i text alot maybe i am annoying which j dont do on purpose but i am not shy

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2018-06-28 22:22:03 -0600 answered a question companionship

Thank you so much khalsa ji but where i live there is no sangat no gurudwara for miles the closest one is about 800km away so there is no way i can go therel. So no sangat no gurudwara i have talked to my parents they said they might not be able to find a suitable singhni for me so they ask me find myself.

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2018-06-25 10:11:04 -0600 answered a question Camo turban

That's really helpfull i can send an email to these guys if they can provide me more material but thank you so much i can get my camo turban now thank you so much

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I am in canada khalsa ji

2018-06-22 15:05:01 -0600 asked a question Camo turban

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji

Waheguru ji does anyone know from where i can get a camo dumalla/turban I am looking for that from last coupke of months

If anyone knows please let me know

Thank you Wjkk wjkf

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2018-06-22 01:17:50 -0600 commented question Fear of pregnancy

So i can answer your question I dont feel comfortable answering in front of everyone

2018-06-21 16:40:39 -0600 asked a question companionship

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji fateh ji

Khalsa ji i am in canada from last 6years and i am all alone since then i dont have many friends.whenever i see an amritdhari girl i feel all alone and really wanted to have soneone who i can share my life with.but because of some reasons i cant seems to find anyone who i can talk to

It makes me really sad and i feel i am gonna be all alone my entire life

Its my personl problembut i want you guys to help me out

2018-06-21 16:13:58 -0600 commented question How do i leave this meditation group? Please help

Wjkk wjkf khalsa ji i am from canada as well and have problem in medidating as wel ill younplease help me get some tips on medidation please

2018-06-21 16:09:16 -0600 commented answer How to regain husband trust and how you release him I took false oath of Guru Granth Sahib Ji just to saved our relation ?

Mannu kaur ji tusi galti kiti and tusi mann v laye that you made a mistake in front of him but dont rust hes hurt that you lie to him you lied to the person who loves you the most but dont wory time nal sare jhakam bhar jande aa just keep on doing what you suppose to do and with time he ill forgive

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Please send me an email at [email protected]

2018-06-21 11:19:49 -0600 commented question Single & pregnant

I think i can help with the situation email me at [email protected]

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2018-06-20 13:09:15 -0600 commented answer Wjkk wjkf. Im really curious. Can an amritdhari sikh have a gf/bf?

If you have more questions we can talk on Instagram if you like

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2017-10-11 05:48:47 -0600 asked a question Jhooth concept

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji

Khalsa ji i was having discoussion one day with my friends just wondering what is the concept of jhooth in sikhi? and what is the history behind it?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji

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2017-10-09 17:24:01 -0600 asked a question Anger management

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji

Waheguru ji i am going through some anger issues lately about a year ago i want angry at all but then i started to show anger. I use to have a doh so when i was frustrated or something like that i started to pick on him like slap him for no reason hold him in my arms and legs tightly for no reason squeez him stuff like that at one point i started hitting him as wellthen my friend asked to give him up bcz itsnot fair with dog so i realized that and i give him up then i started to get more angry during work if i am working more than other guys i started to get angry tht why i am working more why arent others working more. Even during small discussion i started worked up and get angry like why i am proven wrong or why is he talking back to me.there was a one day when i picked up a fight with my co-worker and seriously injured him in his head and almost chocked him. Doesnt matter how much i try i get andry easily like if someone start making jokes about me i get angry on that too i stop eating and talki g during the any aggression time I d k i have a feeling inside me that noone love me not my family not my friends noone i am all alone

I definatly miss my dog i feel like the day i give him up i get more angry. I see him once a month just to see how is he doing. He was the only one who always loved me nomatter what i did to him even when i go to see him he gets so exicted that his new owners thinks that its still my dog

I dont know what makes me so angry i need help to get a better person

Bhul chuk maaf Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji

2016-02-20 03:23:55 -0600 answered a question Relationship before Anand-Karaj

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

khalsa ji i totally understand whats in your mind and what you are worrying about but according to the matt guru sahib gave me having a physical relation is kurehet but having a kiss or having a love in your heart for some one is not considered in the kurehet

if you love her keep the relationship intact but dont do any physical things before marriage i know guru sahib ji sikhya says something else but in our age its normal to have those feeling to love some one i am 22 and i am in love with a singhni to but we make sure that we never cross our limits before marriage

if you guys are sure you guys are gonna marry each other one day then keep everything normal and try tht your girlfriend /singhni take amrit asap just to keep things on right tracks dont force her the day she will realise its the time then make your move and help her but till then keep everything normal.

bhul chuk maff krna

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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2016-01-28 02:47:46 -0600 asked a question what is Bibek?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh everyone

my question is what is bibek ?

Is ther any internal bibek or external if it is then what is the meaning of internal bibek and external bibek?

2016-01-28 02:39:23 -0600 answered a question meaning of jam

jam is refer to death or jamdoot any name related to death

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2016-01-23 20:49:15 -0600 answered a question can akj boy marriage with taksali girl?

khalsa ji we are amritdhari singh befor taksali or akj or nihang we are gursikh so there is no problem if a akj guys want to marry taksali girls

2016-01-23 20:45:56 -0600 answered a question many wrong deeds

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

mai tuhade situation changi tra samajda vaa bhene mai v ehi sab krda reha but ecently guru sahib ne mnau sza diti jide vch mai ikelle beth k sochya k mainu eh sab krke ki milya i realize nothing and to some point my sexual desire is dead and rahi gal juth de try kro na bolo but j fr v bolya janda ta us nu likhna shuru kardoo i promis j tusi eh krna shuru krta ta holi holi tusi jhooth boolna v band kr daoogeeee and bas apne mann andr us giltyness nu rakhoo and neeve hoo k raho holi holi sab tekh hoo jaoo bhene

Bhul chuk maaf krna

2016-01-23 20:31:32 -0600 answered a question my dad is not listening to me

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh bhenji

i totally understand your situation because i am in same situation in which parents stop you for doing sewa i dont even know how to convince my parents but what i am trying i can only tell you by reading this post i felt the love for sewa you have inside you i acn only suggest you what i am trying to convince my parents. First try to talk with dad and explain him what kind of love you have inside you for sewa second try to take him to sewa and show him how dedicate and how much love you havefor sewain your heart but if that still didn't work do ardass and take a hukumnama and do whatever guru maharaj sahib said in the hukumnama

Bhul chuk maaf

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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