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So what you're saying is that I should be stronger in my Sevva, Paath, and Simran and I should do a very sincere Ardaas and forget about this incident? Will I have to do pesh in front of the Panj Pyaare? Is anything of that sort required even though it did accidentally and unknowingly come off? And no, you did not say anything wrong.

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Hello. I am currently and Amritdhari and have committed a very terrible deed. I was engulfed in sin and have masturbated after watching pornography. In the process, my kachera came off. I did not mean for it to come off but it accidentally came off. What should I do? Should I do an ardaas and ask for forgiveness? Is that all? I did read through other posts about masturbation but none of them mentioned anything about the kakaar of the kachera so I'm really worried about the situation. Thank you. And I would really appreciate a response from the site administrators because they would be most knowledgeable on these types of problems.