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Hi Cloud Ji Thanks, I was like 'what did I do??'

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oh why have I got it as a badge then?? Am I missing something? im not even a Harry Potter fan...

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Can any one tell me what the means? and in terms of Sikhi what it is as well?

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This is my belief (so don't take it literally)

There is good and bad media, with the right intention I think dancing is not bad. Be an advocate for good, our Gurbani is written in musical chapters so we should no what what good should look like. I would say don't dance to belittle your self, send a good message and make sure if lyrics are in the music you are dancing to have no sinful meanings, so you are not associated with it directly. If someone complains listen to them and try and understand why they are saying it. I had read recently from a Christian guy that there are acts of good good and good bad. I.e Naam Seva etc and good bad i.e drugs alchohol etc. because we think the later is good as it makes us feel good but have a bad consequence to us. If people object and make life difficult then do it in your own space and not publicise it. You will be strong and healthy and may be amazing with a kirpan if one day it is needed, like Ghatka as that is an art in itself and looks amazing. (Once again I am not a perfect Sikh, So apologies for any mistakes, hopefully Sangat can make me a better Sikh)Waheguru Je ka Khalsa Waheguru je ke Fateh!

2015-07-30 07:26:42 -0500 answered a question ruining my family

Sat Sri Akaal

We are human and we make mistakes, otherwise the Gurus and other spiritual leaders would not need teach us anything. Even elders to terrible things, you have realised but all I can say is keep praying, the guilt will fade. You can be healed as your sons have their own journey and you have to take some feeling that you are paying for your so called mistake,Im guessing it all comes to intention, I don't believe by what you are saying, that is was done with a evil heart but a mistake to improve a situation.I am not a parent and I am sure someone here will be able to give you more advice, I can only say keep the faith.You are a Mother and a Mother can be very harsh on herself if things do not work out , you coming here shows that you did not mean to do bad. Waheguru Je Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Je ke Fateh!