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My question is from Guruka Singhji ,Gn and Daan. As you people helped me a lot to overcome from problems in last discussion so i wanna share my one another problem with u . Approximately three year ago , i met someone on facebook .It was a girl .She told me that she is finding her school friend on Facebook nd his name is similar with my name thats why she send me req . So i Started talk with her ,First time in life i talked with a girl on facebook and I was feeling like she is not stranger to me .One more shocking thing in this i talked with her for more than five or six hour continuely .. I was feeling like am talking with myself cuz she seemed same like as me . Then i promised her that i will help her to find her school friend .On that days we used to talk daily on fb and Gradually be became a good friends . I done my best to find her Friend but i couldnt . One day i couldnt talk with her cuz i was busy nd at night when i open fb i just shocked she sent me alot of messages .She was missing me alot md worried about me like where i am today .On that day i felt like i fall in love with her but one question was running in my mind that she is stranger to me ? I said to her about my feelings nd she just shocked she told to me that am a stranger for u even u dont see my pic ever than how ? i said it doest matter i like ur nature nd i see myself in u .She said nthing after few days she told me that she love me too nd i was feeling like awsm ..on that day first time i saw her picture .She was as beautiful as her nature .We used to talk with each other alot nd think about our Future too ...One day she said to me that she is going back to canada cuz her parents saw anyone for her marriage ..i just shocked . I was crying nd couldnt type anything .i told her i never listem ur voice so call me evem a single time so that i can listen ur voice last time but she said i dont wanna hurt u more sory .That think broke me internally i used to cry whole night nd i dont know how many night i did same.Then i started go to gurudwara nd do path bt tears used to come from my eyes when i did path .Gradually i overcame from that but now question is that its been a more than two years why still i love her ?.why still am waiting for her , usually i celebrate her bday lonely amd i know it seems funny .so i wanna know from god too thatut why she came into my life when ... (more)

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Dear Sister you r too young .At that age we dont know about our good or bad . This is true that its a human tendency to fall in love but love is not like gf or bf relation.Love to God who gifted us a beautiful life ,Love to parents who take care of us ,Love to ur friend .Thing about which u taking about its just a attraction .We usually attract toward ppl spl in young age so dont think u wrong or anything just try to change ur mind setup respected Guruka Singh ji told start playing games or other activites ....Start doing path every mrng and u can play video games too in ur free time that will help u too . i pray u will overcome from this soon if i said anything wrong plz forgive me ...

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Thanks ,Guruka Singh Ji , Gn ,and Dan for ur precious advices ...Actually last night my worries did heavy upon me nd even i couldnt sleep properly ...But it really make me feel good by seeing ur answers spl gn thanks alot bro ..As i told am in final year and doing BBA after completed it again i will apply for MBA . but this time am scary cuz on e more defeat or refusal can ruined my life ...Hope this time God will show any path cuz a desire which arise in my heart about abroad its is arised by him tooo for a specific reason...Thanks alot alot if i said something wrong thn plz forgive me.

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Hi ...Dear waheguru ji as u know after completed my school education i wanted to go abroad for my furture study and i done my best for this and than i got three time refusals back to back .Even third time that agent fraud large amount of money too .Than i totally broke internally .My all dreams ,desires finsihed even i stop come to gurudwara sahib sory for that .Then i decided that i will continue my study here in india nd i did and now am in final year .My course will be completed shortly bt still am worring about my future .God u know well i dont know when i smile heartly last time . i usually cry cuz my dream dont let me sleep .now when i think about my future thn see there is no hope ...Lord plz plzz plzz help me , u help everyone than why dont mine am also ur children .i aplogise that i cut my hairs in school time i know u r punishing me cuz of that but now ....plzz help me forgive my all sins. plz show me a path or get ur life back cuz now this pain cant be tolrated .