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Sri waheguru Ji ka khalsa, waheguru Ji Ki fateh. Bhai sahab, the pictures of deities not only remind us about them but also release positive energy. As we know that there are 3 energy components I.e Satva, raj.a and Tama. Only satvaa is positive, others are negative energies. So the pics of deities release sattvik content. It must be noted that amount of sattvik released in atmosphere depends upon truthfulness of pic. Means only pics which look very similar to deity release more positivity. But at the time of our gurus,there was no camera and all their paintings in market are painted by ordinary people. You must have seen on Internet real pics of guru Nanak dev Ji. In some forums people said that it was created by a saint whom which guru Ji had given darshan!!!!! So I don't think that one must spend time in praying to paintings of guru Ji.