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2015-12-04 16:57:01 -0500 answered a question What happens if I reject Gods hukam will

This is an interesting question would love to no more please

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Thank you for your responces

2015-10-16 12:38:15 -0500 asked a question Meaning please

Can some one please give me the meaning of this

se sanjog karo mere pyare jit rasna haar naam uchara.


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2015-09-26 14:20:45 -0500 answered a question Just a random one

Oh yes it lets me post now

But what does 21 karmas mean?

2015-09-26 04:16:44 -0500 asked a question Just a random one

Hi when I look on my page or reply back to a message it won't let me because it says I have 21 karma

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2015-09-24 16:31:24 -0500 answered a question Guidance please


My mind drifts to different thoughts it's hard to concentrate or clear my mind some times! I feel that I'm not concentrating so then I feel I can't connect, it's strange and hard to explain I suppose

2015-09-23 17:02:16 -0500 asked a question Guidance please

Hello wondering if some one can help me please, I listen to simran on the way to work every morning, I feel like I'm going through a bad phase in life with turning 30 and unable to get married and just fed up of where I am in life!

Anyone got any suggestions of how I can get a positive out look on life!

Many thanks

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2015-07-26 12:07:13 -0500 answered a question iPhone hukamnama app

I thought so just wanted to make sure


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2015-07-26 05:02:19 -0500 asked a question iPhone hukamnama app

I've downloaded the app so I can take my own personal hukamnama, can some one give me a step by step of to how I can take my personal hukamnama!Thing is I don't want to do it wrong.

I've tried googling and searching my answers but there's no answers.


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2015-07-20 11:54:01 -0500 answered a question Guidance and help

Thank you

Much appreciated

2015-07-19 17:17:48 -0500 asked a question Guidance and help

Can some one please guide me on how to take hukam from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib online I'm finding it abit difficult!


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2015-07-01 15:29:56 -0500 asked a question Don't know what to do


I'm feel so stressed, I'm at that time where I need to get married but it's not happening for me! I can't sleep at night and I'm always upset! I try to be positive but it doesn't last so long!

I'm also worried about parents who stress about me as well, I feel like I'm becoming a burden! I know you can't hurry things up and whatever happens only God nos and it's all about timing!

This weekend I went to my friends wedding and I really felt it! I don't get no risteh I can't meet anyone myself I'm just fed up!

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2015-06-13 12:21:42 -0500 commented answer Can't get married

Thanks, I think this has given me piece of mind and I am determined to keep going! Thanks for your help

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2015-06-13 11:35:14 -0500 answered a question Can't get married

Thanks you for taking your time to reply

It's just that when I do it in Gurmukhi some of my pronounciations are incorrect and that's when I feel I'm doing it incorrect and I start feeling guilty within myself!


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2015-06-12 12:52:45 -0500 asked a question Can't get married


I'm 29 and can't seem to get married, I get rishteh but nothing comes from it! I've started reciting so purkh but in English, there's a few questions I want to ask regarding reciting so purkh!

1- Can I recite it quietly in English? 2- Can I lie in bed and recite it? 3 -My mind seems to wonder when reciting it? 4- How do I no in doing it right?

Look forward to any responses