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2015-07-18 04:52:01 -0600 asked a question My wife is telling lies and lies

I have posted earlier also as my wife has cheated on me, as she was having affairs and so on. She has not been disclosing things to me. She has been telling lies on lies. to keep other lie she lies again and again. As a good devotee of Waheguru..i believe in Waheguru and what he is doing, but thing is not that. I am not saying I am Harshchander's son or always speak truth, but she has been lying to me. I recently came to know she has been hiding money from me and had spend somewhere and she and her friend who is also amritdhari has been hiding from me about that. Whenever she cames to meet her, they donot talk much, but they talk in eyes and may be her friend is also hiding something from me. I do not know what to do. As she has lied me many times, it has been diffficult to believe her in anyway that she is telling truth, though she has been doing lot of paths/gurbani, etc., but still why she is cheating..why waheguru why. Really, i am not saying I am good person in this work..i also have KAMIYAN, but i consider myself always as like guru nanak has aid "hum nahi change bura nahi koie", but why this is happening to me.

I also wanted to asking one more thing what happens if person says lie by putting hands on guru grant sahib or gutkas or even lies in normal life...pz help

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I am in agreement with above answers.

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2015-06-08 22:43:22 -0600 answered a question how to do waheguru sirman.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh..Maam! main v is bare booth labiya c internet te and what i got was it is within yourself. it comes from inside like jado tusi waheguru japde ho tusi waheguru naam sunan de koshish karlo like when you say "wahe" inhale air and when you say "guru" exhale air and when doing this just feel inside te apne "thuni" don't know english word te mahesus karo te apne inner site "thuni" te focus karo. This is they way I found and felt beneficial...just like meditation, listen to your inner voice and just concentrate on that and leave rest of the world for a while. waheguru meher tusi kuj find karo te please share karna god bless

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thanks all

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2015-06-03 03:24:39 -0600 asked a question waheguru ji kidar ho..please chain dedo

Waheguru ji! pata nahi meri ardasan kidar ja rehian hai, ki tusi apna spam folder check nahi karde. Waheguru ji, man nu bilkul chain nahi hai, kuj kan nu man nahi karda, bas sara time roon nu man karda hia. Pata nahi kivan viswas karan ki mere wife da hun kadi affair nahi hoega. she says i don't care, tusi jande ho ki main kini care kardan hain. baba ji, oh un mere respect v nahi kardi..tusi kehende ho jo gurbani wal lagian honda hai us de sare respect karden hai, main ki gunah kita hai phir. ki main tuhadi lad nahi lagya, har vele literally bheek mangda rehenda hai tuhade age..baba ji hor kina test loge...mere te bas hogi hai. main mar v nahi sakda kyon ki bache chote hai...they need me. main apni wife nu chad v nahi sakda kyon ki main uno both payar kita hai te booth sapne dekhe hain appan. baba ji je tusi dilan de jande ho te..please mere jodadi suno te menu chain dawo... please